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  1. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a little while. And want to get back into things here I've been a heroin addict for 5 years. Last month I got a felony possession charge. I came into inpatient rehab last month also for 30 days. Right after I got out of jail last month I overdosed and by the time...
  2. Joe Mo

    Broken 400mw O-like, need ideas to fix it

    Well, the spring inside my o-like broke off. I think it was bent when I put in a larger 18650 protected cell. Either way it broke clean off and now there is no contact with the battery. I'm thinking of buying some rare earth magnets and putting them inside? I don't know how to go about doing...
  3. Joe Mo

    50 BeamShots! R G B

    I was bored today and decided to upload some shots! 460mw o-like green 490 peak 532nm - 'Crown Upgrade' 730mw arctic 770 peak 455nm 246mw o-like 254 peak 650-660nm - 'Cute Host' Thanks for looking, :wave: BTW: I burnt holes in my curtains, (Pictures 14 & 15) :o -Joe...
  4. Joe Mo

    Anyone play Diablo 2 LOD online?

    wondering if anyone here plays, I just got back into it!
  5. Joe Mo

    Video of O-like's diffraction tips!

    I ordered these 10 days ago and got them yesterday from O-like. They fit my crown laser and they also have a glowing ring when lit up around the outside! but the major feature is, when you rotate them (like a focus ring) they turn from static diffraction patters to a 3D kaleidoscope effect. I...
  6. Joe Mo

    Burning candles and other pics

    Just some pics I have of burning candles and random fun. My friend said he saw my green laser from a mile away on the road. He called me right after I took this. ~250ft away
  7. Joe Mo

    How does this diode work?

    I friend of mine asked what the lasing medium was for my new o-like Cute High power 250mW red laser torch/focusable [OL-CRL-250] - $54.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce I was wondering, how do these diodes work? I know the basic concept of the electrons, the energy on both sides of the...
  8. Joe Mo

    Can someone post a side by side of a 594 and a 589?

    I'm looking into a yellow pointer. I just want to see if someone has both and can do a side-by-side of the two in action :) thanks guys!
  9. Joe Mo

    My 250mw cute o-like pointer wont work with the tailcap all the way screwed on.

    I just got this in the mail an hour ago. I fired it up and it works great, with half a battery it LPM'd @ 240mw. However if I screw the tailcap on all the way down, it won't turn on. But if I back it off 1/2 or a whole turn it works. Anyone know what could be the issue here? thanks guys. BTW...
  10. Joe Mo

    Best way to clean a lens without a lens cleaning tool

    I need to order a lens cleaner brush, but until then, what can I do to clean a lens without scratching? I have 90% isopropyl and a q-tip, what else would work? thanks again guys, Joe
  11. Joe Mo

    My 532 from 2002 pot modded for 6 months now @ 26mw

    I have an old z-bolt 5mw green I got back in highschool. I've had it pot modded for about 6 months and it's still running strong. I know new modules will die if you pot mod them. I understand my unit was not binned or something so I can get away with it? Is this true? BTW: I payed 120$ for it...
  12. Joe Mo

    Does anyone have this charger? from O-like

    Well, my charger stopped working, it's making a humming noise and its saying my batteries are charged even though they aren't. The only one I have right now is this one (picture) when I put a mostly empty cell in it (18650) it shows a green light. Does this mean its charging? Does it change to...
  13. Joe Mo

    O-like 400mW Review (from Cajunlasers)

    I got this laser 21 days ago. Just now getting around to a review. I ordered this laser on January 19th and received it January 20th :D Cajunlasers being a U.S. company the shipping times are great! (I did pay 16$ for first class airmail) Clif has GREAT service like always. He even through in a...
  14. Joe Mo

    Burnt thermopile, how bad is this?

    Well, I put my 532nm on the LPM while it was slightly focused, I didnt realize it before it burnt some small lines on the surface of the sensor. How bad is this? the line is maybe .25" long. I'll post pics when I'm home from work. Thanks guys.
  15. Joe Mo

    Strikeforce/UFC/MMA Fans?

    Do we have any MMA fans here? Just wondering Nick Diaz vs Evangelista Santos - YouTube
  16. Joe Mo

    o-like 400mW without the lens vs. with lens

    I would like to find a way to make some sort of insert for a g-1 lens. With lens on: 453mW (max, usually around 430mW) With lens off: 543+mW
  17. Joe Mo

    Thank you everyone on this forum!

    I just wanted to say I love this place! I can't seem to find a site that has more info in one spot. Not to mention how many members with superior knowledge. Thank you for this place! Will be donating shortly.
  18. Joe Mo

    How much do good batteries matter?

    Just curious, I searched this and didn't find much. Can someone put in perspective how much good batteries matter when it comes to straight power output? I know I have 2 18650's that have almost double the power difference in some lasers I have. What 18650's/chargers are recommended? And are...
  19. Joe Mo

    Cooling Terraquant Laser Emitter

    http://quantum-healing-lasers.com/terraquantlaser-emitters.html How does this thing work? Does it just emit pulses on your skin? here's the stats: Laser Shower LS50 • 50,000 mW Peak Power, 4 Infrared laser diodes (GaAs in 905 nm) • SuperPulsed Multi Radiance Technology combining 4 healing...
  20. Joe Mo

    Bluefan.nl basic LPM

    Hi guys, I am very new here, as you might notice. I am only a few months into the laser hobby world. So I was looking for a basic entry-level LPM. I got in touch with Johan from Bluefan.nl a couple weeks ago, wondering what the prices were on there basic LPMs. Johan responded very quickly and we...