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  1. MarkR123

    What do I need to fix this part of my laser

    My Sanwu pocket had a problem. As I was focusing the lens, I noticed it no longer focused. But as I continue turning my lens end counterclockwise, I actually unscrew the copper module from the stainless host. There is some gray residue on the threads. Do I need thermal adhesive here?? Any...
  2. MarkR123

    Sanwu Pocket 445nm 500+mw

    Received my Pocket 445nm from Sanwu. Podo sent me vid of LPM of my laser. It was still climbing fairly quickly at 584mw when he stopped the test. I'm guessing it's actually 600mw+. I got the G7 lens. Time shipped to my door was 18 days. Next one I order will be expedited. Learned a...