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    Looking for advice on choosing a laser

    Looking forward to seeing your toast art results someday!
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    Anything about extraterrestrial life

    Seems like space travel won't get serious investment for R&D until space resources are economically viable for commercial exploitation.
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    firm definition of dead thread

    Thanks for the help hakzaw1 !
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    firm definition of dead thread

    Is there a way to close after it has been answered or sold?
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    RIP wicked laser core

    What kind of cost for someone here to build a 5mw green? I'd rather not spend more than $30 on something out of a factory at 5mw. 5mw is really all I need for daily work.
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    firm definition of dead thread

    Trying to be respectful. But didn't find an answer in any faq's. Is there a firm line for when a thread is dead? I've been browsing for a little while and haven't seen any closed threads. Other forums I've seen sometimes close threads to prevent dead thread resurrection. Thanks for the help!
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    RIP wicked laser core

    My much loved 5mw green Wicked Lasers Core has croaked. Is there any to resurrect a dead dpss laser? It only runs on greenpower batteries and only for a few seconds. No replacement batteries work. These things are probably polarity sensitive and I should've paid more attention. Probably paid...
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    Hello from Central Coast of California

    Greetings! I'm interested in astronomy and laser burning. An uncle bought me a coin cell 99 cent laser pointer for Christmas 15 years ago and I was hooked.
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    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Also curious about what ya'll think of the republican establishment's disapproval of Trump. Is that praise for an outsider who doesn't lockstep with the status quo and a secret agenda or legitimate criticism for someone genuinely incompetent?
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    New hosts!