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  1. BrightSpark

    Green Laser for Kids recommendations

    7 is a bit young I got my first Proper laser at 13. And with what you are saying about a laser that points far and being able to see the beam in the dark Would still cause eye damage especially when handled by a 7 year old. Maybe buy him one of those cheap red lasers first and see if he is...
  2. BrightSpark

    445nm lasers on DX

    I posted on the 1 Watt Version About eye safety and how DX seems to attract the attention from idiots to buy Laser "toys" Looked back on it and they have deleted it. :tsk:
  3. BrightSpark

    ARCTIC HOST feeler! interested? READ

    Exactly what i thought. :eek:
  4. BrightSpark

    Invitation to All Members:Free Laser Trial -DinoDirect

    12-20-2010 BUmped :tsk: EDIT:Now looks like a spam promotion.
  5. BrightSpark

    Best place to buy?

    I smell Spam.
  6. BrightSpark

    Stupid Teenagers with lasers

    8v_kLnGR6CA Do people not get it. Your eyes are worth Certified laser goggles. To show you how good these are im going to shine it directly in the direction of my eye :/
  7. BrightSpark

    My new kit!

    Check the dates :) :D 2010...
  8. BrightSpark

    Wicked lasers Safety Video

    Totally agree with you there.
  9. BrightSpark

    Wicked lasers Safety Video

    HERE Needs to be shown to all 1 watt newbies. :beer: DAMN wrong topic Duh Mods can you move this please. thanks :)
  10. BrightSpark

    No, just no... Kipkay Spyder 3 Arctic giveaway

    Exactly what im doing. :)
  11. BrightSpark

    XBOX360 laser mW?

    Yes Please do walshy155.
  12. BrightSpark

    Stupid Teenagers with lasers

    I am Going to explode.. W5256tOhFjs N01zeNoY0cs
  13. BrightSpark

    Just bought my first green laser...

    He is asking if you have laser goggles.. if you dont its done your eye sight a favor really
  14. BrightSpark

    Stupid Teenagers with lasers

    Unfortunately yes. What gets me is that he even says DONT try this at home it will f*ck up your eyes. :eek::twak:
  15. BrightSpark

    Stupid Teenagers with lasers

    Sigh Youtube is becoming the home of laser stupidity... 1:05 onwards. pKc3e1rjXKs
  16. BrightSpark

    Best place to buy?

    AHH Good :) well done For that sort of power you NEED goggles :) Well i have literaly just ordered a DX 200mW with some dragon laser goggles If you want a cheap respected Awesomely priced laser :) LINK NOTE:this does not come with batteries (links below) Btw here is some helpful links to...
  17. BrightSpark

    Best place to buy?

    Ah thats good at least this isnt your first :) What goggles are you buying?