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  1. 532nmKid

    Powerful 532nm At an Affordable Price!

    I am going to be reviewing my most recent purchase from Fleabay. It is a 532nm JD-850 that came with a single 16340 battery and charger. I would like to lead off by saying that it was purchased, processed, shipped, and received in 4days! Thumbs up there! When it arrived it was in a standard...
  2. 532nmKid

    New guy here!

    Hello, my name is Andrew. I am fairly new to lasers, and I am here to learn more about this hobby, and the people in it. I have a few generic red pointers, a couple red gun sights, and have recently purchased a 532nm JD-850 laser that is soon to arrive via Eekbay. Lasers have never been my...