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    Any red lasers more than 250mw nowadays?

    I remember on O-like and a lot of other sites they had a red laser pointer that emitted 400mw... Now I can't find it ANYWHERE. It was like $45... which was perfect. I want a red laser that'll burn, and I want it somewhat cheap. Can someone help? I'd prefer a 250-400mW, but i'd settle for 200mW...
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    DealExtreme doesn't ship US?

    "United States Customers Only: due to new regulations enforced by the US FDA and PayPal, orders of >5mW lasers units shipped to the United States are no longer accepted. Orders that were previously accepted and unshipped will be cancelled and refunded to customers. This affects United States...
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    Whats up with O-Like?

    Like 3/5 times that I try to go there, it never loads. I thought it was my computer, but I tried it on my dads computer, and on my friends laptop and I still couldn't get on. Is that normal for O-Like?
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    Really really newb question...

    I just want to know what the mW/nm are actually measuring for lasers... like do they measure brightness? Strength? What are they for??
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    Well... I always loved lasers... Like the little red ones. Then my step brother got a bulbous green one that fascinated me ever since... I always wanted a laser, and the only one I ever got was a statue of liberty pen that had a cheap laser at the tip... still had fun with it though. ANyways, I...
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    I'm looking for a certain good laser pointer...

    I want a green laser pointer that can be seen from fairly far.. I don't need MILES, like a good 9,000-15,000 feet works for me. But I want one of the kind that burn. Is there any like this that I can buy somewhat cheap? Like under $200?