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  1. Blutquell

    Yet another 445 stainless (picture heavy)

    Hello LPF :), this is my third laser to date. I just had to try a high power 445 build lol, i think everyone has atleast one. I wanted something that looked slick so i went with the very famous Aurora SH-032 stainless steel. This is basically a "big brother" from my previous PHR build. Whoever...
  2. Blutquell

    PHR in Stainless C3 Q5 host (picture heavy)

    Hi again, this is the second laser I've built so far, and definitely not my last. I'm digging this hobby now, even if it means my wallet's demise :o. Its a PHR-803t diode, classic of classics. I got three sleds from o-like at $7.99 and now they lowered them at $5.99...temptation :cryyy: It is...
  3. Blutquell

    Maglite solitaire 405nm minibuild (picture heavy)

    Hi guys, this is the first laser I've built. The unit dates around six months back, yet i never took pics cause no camera :cryyy:. Finally I snapped and bought myself a camera on a shopping spree with my financial aid money... heh so i thought I'd share with you guys this little pointer since i...