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  1. Proton

    Need driver help for 20-50mw laser

    It is a red laser in an Aixiz module, How many mA do I need as an output? Or if I could make one how would you recommend I do so? or if you know where there may be some conversion charts or formulas for things like mw Thank you
  2. Proton

    Looking to buy a 1w laser diode in an Aixiz module.

    looking for red, but if you have any other colors, especially exotic ones then I may want to buy those as well. 12mm would be cool, but I care more about the price than the size 😉
  3. Proton

    WTB Violet laser 500mW-2W

    I am looking to buy a violet laser diode or full host setup + diode with a power of 500mW-2W.
  4. Proton

    Cool experiments?

    I have a blue laser with a power of about 1W. I have a youtube channel where I mainly make chemistry related videos but I wanna expand to lasers and whatnot as well. I want to do some cool experiments but I am pretty new to lasers. I am going to attempt to levitate particles with it but other...
  5. Proton

    Hello, I am a new member

    I am from New York and I major in Chemistry but I want to get into lasers as a hobby because they are remarkably interesting.