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    New here

    Hi everyone I'm from Singapore. I realised there is a lot of contradictory information of lasers and over here the people actually know what they are talking about, so I've decided to join this forum. I've been looking to get a laser for astronomy, likely a 520nm one. What power output for a...
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    Looking for a 10-20mW 520nm laser

    Huh yeah after digging a bit more I realise you are right. I guess most sellers understate their laser so many sources quote the power output wrongly. Thanks for clearing this up.
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    Looking for a 10-20mW 520nm laser

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll try to explore all my options first. Correct me if I'm wrong but from my knowledge 303s are generally <5mW 3a lasers. Also I've read up that anything higher than 20mW for a green laser will mess with your night adapted eyes. I would assume red lasers would have...
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    Looking for a 10-20mW 520nm laser

    Yeah unfortunately those are outside my price range. I'm looking for something around the usd50 mark. Also I live in Singapore so I'm not sure how much shipping would cost me. But thanks anyway, I really appreciate any help I can get.
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    Looking for a 10-20mW 520nm laser

    Hi I'm new here so do forgive me if I'm doing something wrong :P. I'm looking for a 520nm handheld laser around 10-20mW for astronomy but I can't really seem to find much around this power output. I know this has been mentioned before on this forum but the lasers recommended don't seem to be...