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    [Q] What host should I buy for a M140 diode?

    Green is a great color but I think blue is a bit unusual for lasers and I also heared that blue isnearer tu UV light so objects are heated more with blue/violet. And why would I want tu buy a 300$ green diode when I can buy a 1W m140 blue one for unly 50$?
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    Introduction of myself.

    Hi, my name is Andrei but you can call me Limo. I'm from Romania but I live in Spain. I'm 14 yers old but I know a lot of electronics and computers. My interests in lasers started a month ago (thankfuly) at school when a friend of mine who sold cheap iPhone IEM's and stuff showed me a lasr pen...
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    [Q] What host should I buy for a M140 diode?

    I want to buy a M140 diode with a copper module and the boost driver from DTR's Lasers Shop but before I should buy a host for the module but I don't really know what to search for. My requisites are the following: - I don't want a beast that weights more than 0.5kg. :D - It has to coat less...