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  1. J

    Black Ice laser made by ApexProxy

    *I Will post pictures later* To starts off I have no Lpm so don't ask.:tsk: This little blue laser acts like a gold giant being able to burn anything you need with a very reasonable duty cycle(on 30-45sec off 1 min) not only this but in the daytime the dot is stunning even through my laser...
  2. J

    Is lazerer.com reliable

    ive been thinking about ordering from them but saw on the forum both good and bad reviews does anyone know for sure or has anyone had a recent experience with them thanks Jordan
  3. J

    My wicked lasers experience

    :(i bought 1 100mw "red nano", it took like 2 1/2 weeks to get to my house so the shipping was not bad but the quality of their products now is a different story I don't have a power meter :( but it would not cut electrical tape, or even pop a black balloon with sharpie on it, not only that but...