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    Need ILDA Shows

    Looking to buy swap or download ILDA Shows. Thank you
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    ILDA Shows and Files

    Hi everybody. I have built me a nice RGB Scanner with all the information I acquired on this site. The only problem I am having currently is finding ILDA files for different shows. I have had several people tell me about a file swap site but it never seems to work. I want to use my projector...
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    ILDA file swap or buy

    Is it me or are finding ILDA files online very hard. I have tried the ILDA swap sight and even looking to buy some. I have a DAC I bought and it came with some pretty cool files but I want more selection. I have tried the ILDA swap sightI found on here but it seems to be down. anybody have any...
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    Building a Laser Projector

    I am currently building an RGB Laser Projector. I almost have evrything I need. My Dichros will be here in a few days. I need some advice on a good Base. I want a nice solid base that will not warp, I don't want to be constantly adjusting the optics once I have everthing set. Any...
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    Need mount for my two aixiz 650nm with pbs cube

    I am looking for a nice little mount I can use to fit two of my 650nm red and my red psb cube. I just need someone who can point me in the right direction to have one made or buy one.:thanks: