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    Cyonics/Uniphase 2201-25ML Multiline Argon

    Hi LPF! Guess what showed up? That's right, my new Argon laser! Thanks again to Sta for the excellent eBay suggestion. :thanks: It actually arrived two days ago, but I had family in town so I had to wait until today to do a proper run. I picked up this laser with a matching 2102-25ML power...
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    Gammex Alignment HeNe

    Hi LPF! I recently asked what made HeNe interesting, and the answers convinced me to pick up my own HeNe and see for myself. :) I got a 1mW Gammex alignment laser (model 1A475), manufactured in February 2005. This laser was originally used to align radiotherapy machines. As I understand it, the...
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    "Starter" lasers?

    I recently picked up a Sanwu 304 (532nm ~80mW) laser. It cost me ~$25 with shipping and has brought me a ton of joy so far. I'm interested in picking up similarly awesome budget lasers in other colors. I know there are a lot of good deals on places like FastTech and GearBest, but it's so hard to...
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    Improving Focus

    Hello all, Back in 2011, I bought a 445nm ~1W laser from an LPF member. It runs on a 14500 and is built in a little Trustfire F25 host (flashlight review for some detailed pics of the host). It's a sweet little laser, but my needs have changed. In 2011, I was more interested in burning. Five...
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    Why HeNe?

    What's the advantage of HeNe lasers these days? Is there anything they can do that diodes can't do better? Or is it just a matter of it being a cool tech? HeNe tubes definitely scream "laser" to me, much more than diodes. :)
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    Green portable with good divergence for ~$120

    Hi LPF, I'm looking to buy a green portable laser that runs on 16340s, 14500s, or 18650s with good divergence (~1mRad or better). My budget is around $120. I've already got the batteries, charger, and goggles, so the $120 is just for the laser. What's the most power I can get with a good...