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    Over the past few weeks the user ZeroLaser has helped me tremendously with building a laser! Hes directed me to all the websites where to purchase, in addition he ships his products the next morning! At almost any point I could ask him to get on skype and he'll be on to answer any questions...
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    3.1W Multi-Mode Blue XML & Skyray lasers FOR SALE! and Driver Circuits Coming Soon

    Re: SUPER PRICE DROP!!! FOR SALE! Blue skyray 445nm Lasers Bought a host from ZeroLaser 2 nights ago, shipped the day I ordered it! I just gotta buy the rest of the parts and ill have a great laser to show off with!
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    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: For sale: NEW 1W-2W 445nm 501B lasers from $110 Are these still for sale? Id like to purchase one