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  1. Lasercrazy

    Tri lux 5 light for sale with pics. ;) FINAL Drop

    I know you guys aren't really into flashlights but I thought I'd give it a shot here. I have a mag build I did awhile ago that's just been collecting dust on a shelf. It's in great shape and even comes with 3 of aw's C lithiums. The lux fives used in this light were premium W bins with good...
  2. Lasercrazy

    What kind of metal are the 803t sleds made out of?

    I thought it was aluminum so I tried to melt one down a few minutes ago... BIG mistake, after a minute of my blow torch on it the damn thing actually caught fire! Like a 2 inch bright white flame with shifting blue and green hues erupted out of the metal! Not really thinking I sprayed it with...