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  1. J

    Where can I find the best price on 25 to 50 Laser Pointer pens

    I'm looking for the best price on 25 to 50 green pointer pens. Maybe prices with n without batteries. Let me know where u guys think is the best place or the cheapest. Thanks.
  2. J


    I've been having a really crappy experience with them. Anybody else ever use them? Seemed like a very detailed and nice website with specials and good prices. I ordered a 150mw green laser on Sunday last week. I received an email within an hour to tell me my order was being processed and would...
  3. J

    Need help picking a company to buy from

    My head is spinning with all the companies n prices n laser out there. I started on eBay and when trying to find out the diff between the 301 n 303 lasers they are selling I found this site. I can't seem to figure out the diff between the 301's n 303's on eBay and need some help. Now looking...
  4. J

    Found this site by accident

    What's up guys I'm Jay from south FL. I was looking on eBay to get a cheap laser to mess with my dog n just play around with n didn't realize how many diff kinds of lasers there were. I found the 301 n 303 n started searching to try n find out the diff when I found this site on google. I see...