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  1. Rayz305

    Good host?

    I would appreciate some opinions, from anyone, if converting this cree flashlight into a proper host/build would be attainable and/or a good idea? As soon as I saw it, I automatically thought "must have..." NPD Cree LED Flashlight + Battery + Charger ? National Parks Depot :beer:
  2. Rayz305

    Anyone in the Miami, FL area?

    Wondering if anyone near Miami, FL with a working LPM would be kind enough to measure some lasers for me? Got a 50mW, 2W (stamped 1.6W), and my new addition, 3W. I'll drive to you or meet somewhere if need be. I'll bribe ya with some food, beers, or cookies:whistle:.
  3. Rayz305

    DTR's 3W: Olympus Mons(ter) PIC HEAVY

    Well, the time has come. After a month of research and a week of waiting for parts, the time has arrived! Couldn't be happier with my first build :D As for it being my first build, DTR helped a lot when I had questions and/or was confused. For those who have never purchased from him, you're...
  4. Rayz305

    Hello from Miami!

    Hello all, just wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself. Name is Ray and I've always taken <does Austin Powers' Dr. Evil hand quotes> "Lasers!" into a hobby as mine. As a young 10 year old back in the early 90s, I begged my father to buy me a RadioShack 5mW laser. Back in the day...