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    driving a m140

    hi all i recently brought an used supposedly 200hrs m140m 50nm from ebay,seller recomended 1400ma max current,any way i ran it at 1200ma and after about 20mins it died,it was on a laser engraver with a fan cooled diode holder,was running cool,my driver has a ramp up but no ramp down on turn...
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    casio xj-a135 projector laser diodes

    hi all,i have one of these in the title,ive hunted all over trying to find the specs/type of laser diodes in the light block,so far they seen to die with about 1200ma of drive,any ideas,cheers m3vuv.
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    hi all,ive just got a nubm08 ld with a ball lense,any views on decanning these,ie an estimate of how much % decrease in lifetime can be expected etc,cheers m3vuv.
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    hi all just a short into about me,im paul male 52 from a small town called Horncastle Lincs uk,been into electronics and geeky stuff from a young age,built my first radio at 7yrs old,im a licenced radio amature/ham,call sign is m3vuv,just sort of developed an interest in lasers,i suppose radio...
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    combining multiple laser diode beams and driving

    hi all,ive just got a projector ,it has 24x m-140 diodes,,any ideas how to drive say 5 of them and combine the beams,im sure the pic is a knife edge mirror assembly,you will have to excuse me as new to this,cheers in advance m3vuv.
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    my latest homebrew toy.

    hi folks some pics of my thrown together n 450nm 2w laser,not finished as its a work in progress,the batts are l-ion total 13.8ah,case ian old e-bike controller case,wih homebrew heatsink etc,also ive just brought a casio xj-m140 projector,anyone know what sort of ld in them?, specs etc,cheers...
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    Hi all,does anyone know the amount of voltage drop across a 450nm m-140 ld

    I am trying to work out how many .6v drops across diodes to make a dummy load,cant see how many diodes i need,its a m -140 2 watt diode im trying to simulate to set the driver current,cheers m3-vuv.
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    laser saftey glasses

    Hi all,im just wondering what colour should safety glasses be for a 450mn blue laser,ive i feeling ive been sent the wrong ones.!,cheers m3vuv.
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    Laser death

    Hi all,ive been playing with a m140 2watt nichia 450nm ld,last night i tried to crank the driver power up to 1800mw,i got to 1600mw and decided to test it,it powered on for about 2 seconds and died,it now looks like a dim led,i heard these are supposed to take up to 2amps input power?,the seller...
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    Hi all,im building a 2 watt 450nm laser,two questions first,what is the best lense to use for a burning and b long distance is it a g2 lense i need?,cheers Paul m3vuv.
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    laser body parts

    Hi all ive just got one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2w-blue-laser-diode-nichia-m140-M-type-USED-445nm-450nm-blue-beam-laser-diode/163485498826 im driving using a 7805 v reg from 2 parellel 18650 cells,does anyone know of a driver that will supply 1400ma and fit in a laser pointer...