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  1. Team Orange07

    Ehgemus 2x18650 host review

    Alright so I was in need of a host since I damaged his first host I purchased, I forgot I didn't have the room for duel driver build ive been wanting to do. So I removed my parts from my sinner host and saving that for the duel driver build. So I contacted Ehgemus a week ago asking about any...
  2. Team Orange07

    sinner's. copper xl build review

    So original plan for this host was dual drivers to run 3.5 watt 9mm diode but week ago dropped my Ehgemus' s host from 3 stories up but was able spare the diode module so I built it in this copper host temporary but ended up liking it so much I ordered a new host from Ehgemus for my big build...
  3. Team Orange07

    Just finished my kryton gitd

    Alright I got a ton of pictures with it but bare with me as I'm not great with build post so I'll do best I can , hope this helps anyone who's new at building a kryton host cause its my 3 rd build but a real build for me anyway, so I'll start with the parts list. Host provided by Grainde ...
  4. Team Orange07

    X-mas came early for me! :drool:

    Well my Kryton groove host from Grainde came in the mail today ! Fast shipping from Europe, took less then 2 weeks. I'll be running a 9mm diode and a xdrive. Need to order batteries and press tool, battery contact, thermal paste, and some copper, and few miscellaneous things This host is...
  5. Team Orange07

    My new stainless steel host arrived!!!

    Alright so I've been obsessed with solarforce brand and took a chance with their stainless edition that came in a nice box, L2T model and without knowing for sure my heat sink would fit but it did but had a problem with the head not going down all the way do to the battery tube due to the first...
  6. Team Orange07

    First laser build with jayrob's host (Updated to stainless steel host)!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well everyone finally got tired of playing with cheap laser from and and somehow ended up finding jayrob's builds and with ton of email back and forth decided on his solarforce host , waited about month since he had so many ahead of me but was worth it. Photos are not that great since I had to...
  7. Team Orange07

    Hello from Lake tapps,Washington

    Hello everyone ! Found this awesome site through google search for high powered flashlights and found jayrob's builds and ended up purchasing one of his host, always loved lasers but after some cheap ebay laser I built one, great :Dinfo here and overloaded my brain on all this great info on...