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  1. thegreenlaser

    deealextream in usa

    i have a question....whats the name of the guy that i talk to if i want a dealextream laser but live in the usa? I talked to him before but forgot hi name! THANKS
  2. thegreenlaser

    Price for laser?!?!

    is a 200mw greenlaser for $49.99 a good price or no..i dono if i should buy.!
  3. thegreenlaser

    Best laser to buy for the money

    i have a question..well actually a couple..ok here goes: 1) what is the best number of mW to burn something but not like really expensive? 2) Build or buy? 3) does the color of the laser effect the burning capabilities? 4) Where to buy? Thanks so much!
  4. thegreenlaser

    building a new laser!

    hey guys...i want to built a whole new BURNING laser! It has to be kinda cheap and can actual burn! What are your ideas for the base, diode, color, ect... thanks?!?!?!? ANYTHING YOU HAVE POST! THANKS:D
  5. thegreenlaser

    New to the whole "forum" sites!

    wasssss up guys! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LASERS! (SORRY FOR GETTING OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT WITH SOME OF THE MEMBERS HERE) They fasanate me so much. I only own many 5mw lasers. Wait i take that back i bought a 50mw laser soon to find out that i can;t burn things with them! Well anyays I live in...
  6. thegreenlaser

    I sell Green 5mW Lasers for only $23.99!

    My lasers are a GREAT LOW PRICE OF $23.99 AND FREE SHIPPING WITH TRACKING NUMBER THROUGH USPS MAIL!:drool: My website is thegreenlaser.com!! You can check out my video on my website of exactly what you are going to get when you buy from me! I ACCEPT PAYPAL! VERY FAST AND EASY TO USE! I SHIP OUT...