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  1. Lazer Envy

    Battery problem with 18650?

    So I have a 3405 host with a microboost, with an 18650, and all of the sudden It starts turning off about 15 seconds into the duty cycle? Is it just running out of batteries? Thank you.
  2. Lazer Envy

    Red Diode from the PHR-803T sled

    So, I've been driving my red laser diode from the XBOX HD-DVD sled with an LM 317, just to prove I could extract the diode in a working condition, but I haven't really jacked up the power on the diode. I wondered what kind of optical power I would be able to get out of that diode 'safely'..what...
  3. Lazer Envy

    micro flex drive with 445

    Anyone know if you can use a micro flex drive v5 with about 600 ma of current? Thanks.
  4. Lazer Envy

    635 nm diodes from cni laser

    So I was checking at cni lasers for diodes and I found some 635 diodes they say are capable of power from 150- 750 mw. ( they sell three different powers) . Now would this be worth trying a DIY build out of?
  5. Lazer Envy

    jet lasers??

    So I was searching YouTube about 635 NM lasers, and I noticed this place jetlasers.com and they claim to have a 635 NM portable laser capable of 400 mW, unless I didn't read it right but here's the link. Let me know what you think. ¤Handheld Lasers C - Jetlasers
  6. Lazer Envy

    Skipping the aixiz module entirely?

    What if there was a heatsink with a specific internal diameter where you could press the diode straight into? It would be a press fit, just like the aixiz module, but the heatsink itself would be threaded for a specific glass lens. Could this be done? And in the interest of heatsinking wouldn't...
  7. Lazer Envy

    Full threaded or half threaded

    So, I'm looking into building a 405 or 445 and I'm looking into the modules. First off do I need the standard aixiz 12 mm module? Second of all, for the 445 build do I want their UV (405) glass lens to be half threaded or full threaded and what does that really mean? And should I waste my time...
  8. Lazer Envy

    Lasers and Mirrors?

    So Im thinking about building my first laser, 532 build (it seems simpler than most DIY builds). And had kind of a cool idea, put small mirrors around the perimeter of my property, and with the beam visible I thought it might be really cool. Anyways, what do you think?
  9. Lazer Envy

    highest power green diy with module?

    So ive been looking into doing a green DIY with the jayrob diy. I was wondering what the highest power is for those diy kits?
  10. Lazer Envy

    Best lens for a 445 nm build

    What is the best lens for a 445 nm laser build? So I know that the lens would be in an aixiz module correct? Then the diode is pressed in the module? I guess if someone could explain everything, that would be helpful. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Lazer Envy

    Solid gold heatsink?

    I know this would be incredibly expensive, but has anyone every attempted a solid gold or silver heatsink? lol probably not
  12. Lazer Envy

    BDR 205 diodes by themselves

    I am interested in doing a 405 build, and I was wondering if people sell the BDR 205 diodes by themselves? or will I have to take apart the drive? Im kinda new to this whole thing.. Lazer Envy
  13. Lazer Envy

    Greetings from Washington!

    Hi all, new to the forum, and hello from Washington state! :D