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  1. J

    WTB: 10mW Green Laser Pointer

    Hi, anyone selling a green laser pointer as mentioned in the title? It's for doing presentation in the day time, specifications as below: Output Power: 5mW ~ 10mW (True Green after IR Filter) Switch: Push Momentary On / Off Button at the sides Power Supply: 2x AAA Having some disappointing...
  2. J

    COCONUTS's REDUCED Uranium Marbles and OverSpec AAA Pens 405_532_650nm

    Just received my lasers and Marbles, can say I am pretty glad with my products! Here is a very brief write up about my purchase from COCONUTS Package is nicely wrapped up and protected by bubble wrap. The Marbles were in good condition! The Laser Pens were free from any physical...
  3. J

    RDTech's Maglite 2D, Peak 2.3W

    I received my RDTech's Maglite 2D on the 06th of March 2012. Here are some photos of the review: Let's see how RDTech wraps his products. Package unopened: Inside reveals an oblong shape box seal with scotch tapes: Upon opening the box reveals a chunk of Bubble wrap. It is not...
  4. J

    WTB: 2+Watt Laser with forward-side clicky

    Hi, currrently my Jayrob's kit not able to perform up to expectations despite giving it 1 year of chance to perform, very disappointed with its output power. Looking forward to add on to my laser collection checking out if anyone is able to D.I.Y the laser and post it to my country. Here are the...
  5. J

    Customise of Laser Protection Cover, help needed

    I had fabricated a customised Laser Protectin Cover for my usage, to put infront of my laser unit as a safety precaution when laser is in stand by mode and not firing. The protection cover is like a plate made of normal steel, and the vendor has anoldised it to black. Then I realise the...
  6. J

    Need help in converting Joules to watts

    Hi, I have an infra-red laser at 1080nm. But the output power is given as 20.5mJ instead of watts. The time given is 10mS. May I know how do I convert milijoules to watts? From what I know, my laser is a Class 3b laser.
  7. J

    Dragon Lasers Spartan 1W Review by Jaxz

    I received my Spartan 1W on the 21st of December 2010. Here are some photos of the review: Package unopened: Package opened. Two bubble wraps as cushions: The Spartan 1W wrapped in Bubble wrap on the ground. The other empty rolled from a square into the box. No other sort of...
  8. J

    Wicked Laser Core Series returns.

    Core Series 5mw returns. E2 is no longer on sale, and integrated into E3 housing. Check it out guys.
  9. J


    Hi, I mamage to source some 32600 3.7v 5000mAH Protected . I have in bulk so I am selling this at a cheaper rate. I heard this cost more than 20 dollars per piece. This is good for jayrob Maglite kit 445nm. Let me know if anyone is interested. As for shipping, I will do it via tracking by Singpost.
  10. J

    FS: Spantan 1w + 2x Tenergy 3.0v 750mAH + Charger

    I have deided to sell my newly bought Spartan. Please help to buy. Will give free Batteries and charger. Some history. This Spartan was bought for less than a month but it stop working a few days ago. Dragon Lasers propose me a replacement. I have just sent the defected merchandise early...
  11. J

    My Newly bought Spartan for less than a month died

    I received my Spartan 1W about slightly 3 weeks ago, and probably less than 1 hour of total run time, has now died on me. The beam is so weak, I don't even have to use my Laser glasses anymore, the beam as if it is only 5mw. Then the Beam flickers and then disappears. Now it is totally dead. I...
  12. J

    1.8W - 2W Laser (DIY?)

    Was wondering does such laser exist? I am interested in getting one, just realise my Spartan 1W is not strong enough, looking forward to a stronger burner. Seen some people postng about their diy but not sure if it is available anymore. Wondering is anyone is selling their 2w laser?