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  1. RedDart

    Cheap laser tripod alternative under 5$! - (DX)

    Here's the clamp (up to 3.8cm): LINK Here's 2 tripods: LINK1 LINK2 Not the best quality or look, but it gets the job done very well.
  2. RedDart

    What do you think my duty cycle is? (Estimate)

    I'd like to know if my duty cycle roams around 30/45/60 seconds. 1,35A linear Mohgasm driver M-140 diode. C6 host with a typical C6 heatsink (aluminum, from Mohgasm).
  3. RedDart

    445nm to light candle?

    How much mW would it take to ignite a candle? (Light it) using a 445nm laser!
  4. RedDart

    Does this work ? ( Battery Question )

    I put one battery on the charger, but the charger's LED remains red even after an hour of charging. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to wait longer? And can I charge both at the same time (stacked)...
  5. RedDart

    My new 445nm build :) *Great beam shots*

    Here's a few beam shots! Will update regularly :) Can't find my damn tripod so sky shots won't be available until I can find it :P
  6. RedDart

    How do I do it!!! (M-140 soldering)

    I have the M-140 module from DTR (3 leads sticking out) and a mohgasm C6 JAD kit with a preinstalled driver (2 leads sticking out). Basically I need to solder red to red, black to black. How do I do that and heatshrink it if the bottom of the module (Where the wires come out) touches the bottom...
  7. RedDart

    What do I need now! :)

    $10.39 50mW 532nm Green Laser Module - 3V, 11.9mm at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping I bought this module (thanks to Blord). Basically what would I need to complete this build? Obviously I need a host that fits an 11.9mm module... Any suggestions?
  8. RedDart

    Cree (Aurora) C6 host (Tailcap, O-Ring)

    Does anyone know the size of the O-Rings that fit on the C6 host in mm? What about the size of the tailcap??
  9. RedDart

    445nm C6 build

    I'll update this thread as the items arrive. Driver: 17mm linear Mohgasm 1,35A Diode: M-140 module kit with 3 element lens *I'll add pictures as the build comes along also Here are pictures of the host and the soldered joints I made. I know it's not great, but it's my first attempt...
  10. RedDart

    Cheapest 445nm glasses (1.35W)

    What are the CHEAPEST safe to use 445nm glasses that you can recommend?
  11. RedDart

    Seller review - Mohrenberg

    I bought a C6 jad kit off Mohrenberg's website (mohgasm) a few weeks ago, and he was very helpful and and answered all my questions without hesitation! The very well-packed package arrived quickly and I can say it's great quality!
  12. RedDart

    How to fix a zombie M-140!!! SUPER EASY!

    <fixed it for you>
  13. RedDart

    Is this method of sodlering any good for lasers? (hook)

    I was just wondering if his 'hook' method is the best way to do it for connecting a driver to a module... How to solder wires together, easily and professionally - YouTube
  14. RedDart

    WF-501B hosts - $5.80!

    Not sure if everyone's seen these, but it's a great price so I thought I'd share! Ultrafire Flashlight Aluminum Alloy Casing/Shell/Housing with Strap - Black - Free Shipping - DealExtreme Aluminum Alloy - $7 Blue - $6.40
  15. RedDart

    Am I all set!?

    Here's what I have: C6 host with heatsink and preinstalled 1,35A driver. (mohgasm JAD kit) + soldering iron What I have coming: DTR 445 M140 Diode In Module With Leads & Aixiz Glass... 2 18350 3.7V 1200mAh batteries with charger, solder (copper) and heatshrink tubing. So! Am I forgetting...
  16. RedDart

    Can I use this charger for my 16340's?

    I have a charger from a Lazerer 200mW red laser. This came with a 18650 battery+charger. Here's a pic from the website: I was wondering if this charger is suitable to charge 16340 (CR123a) batteries... Also, which batteries should I buy, I need them asap! Thanks!
  17. RedDart

    Why it would suddenly stop working?

    Well I put my 532nm ebay laser module(diode, lens, etc) into the host of a typical lazerer laser. It worked fine, until boom it doesn't turn on anymore. The battery works fine, fully charged. 3.7v 18650 battery. It's placed in the right way, the keylock on the tailcap is unlocked, etc...
  18. RedDart

    200mW 532nm - 33$

    532nm 200mW Green Beam Laser Pointer DC 3V We really need someone to verify this websites legitimacy.
  19. RedDart

    Anybody heard of this seller?

    This seller seems to have really low prices for what he's offering. eBay My World - lasersuperstore 2w 445nm G1 lens, safety glasses+battery/charger... ALL for 130$? (DIY) Wondering if he's legit.
  20. RedDart

    Replacement for soldering iron?

    Well I have this old iron from a Wood Burning kit I found in my garage months ago. Here's a picture of the burner: Here's the kit: