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  1. AquariusLaser

    FS or Trade: 1.6w DTR Build 445nm

  2. AquariusLaser

    RGB Kaleidoscope Laser

    Check this thing out.. if it wasn't so expensive I would consider buying one. Downside I can obviously see is that it probably doesnt focus down to a tri-beam. RGB laser kaleidoscope/ laser show light with 18650 battery and charger Thought it was pretty neat though.
  3. AquariusLaser

    532 "200mw", red LED on Driver Board? Broke?

    Hey there, I have a "200mw" focusable similar to the Cute Rayfoss style 532 bought elsewhere. Anywho I need to learn my lesson to leave things alone if they work. It was a great laser till I turned the pot to try and boost the current. I have another greenie with the same claimed power and it...