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  1. ninja_tux

    What browser do LPFers use?

    So I know that this topic has been discussed before (see nikkokapo's thread here) but a lot has changed in the world of browsers since June 2008, so I thought I'd re-open the topic with a new thread and a poll! If you have any comments about the current "browser wars", just want to say what's...
  2. ninja_tux

    Another review of the cheap focalprice goggles! (LPM Heavy) *Updated with IR filters*

    *Updated 4/10/10* Scroll down for results of the new green laser as well as IR-filtered data. Intro As the title suggests, this is another review of the $8 anti-green focalprice goggles as seen here. I believe they are also the same model that LaserLands is selling here and that O-like is...
  3. ninja_tux

    Concerns about recently purchased Scientech 365 + Calorimeter

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Scientech 365 LPM with a matching 360001 Calorimeter sensor. The previous owner had not calibrated it himself, but he said that its readings were always very to close to his other LPMs (namely a Coherent LaserCheck, and a Scientech 364 w/ a 38-0101 sensor head)...
  4. ninja_tux

    Laser nightmares

    Hey everyone, I've just noticed that since I've been lasing more, I have been having more dreams about being caught lasing by the authorities. In these dreams I'm usually outside pointing my lasers into the sky, and then out of no where a police helicopter is chasing me and aiming their own...
  5. ninja_tux

    General IR / green laser questions.

    Hi all, I'm going to be buying a few new lasers in the near future, and the two I'm set on so far are the 150mW and 10mW Violet lasers from O-like. I've read good things about them and am looking forward to purchasing them. However I'd also like to add a higher powered green laser to my laser...
  6. ninja_tux

    "Noise Halo" on a new 50mW violet laser

    Hi, I recently purchased my first "powerful" laser, a 50mW 405nm laser from warnlaser (UV Lasers/Ultraviolet Lasers (Violet laser ) Laser Pointer- Warnlaser.com) This is the first laser I have owned that is > 5mW in power, so I am not sure if one aspect of its behavior is typical of higher...
  7. ninja_tux

    What happened to the x-105?

    Hi, I currently have a wimpy little 5 mW green laser, and I was interested in spending around $200 in the near future on a laser, and from what I've read on these forums, as well as others, nova lasers seems to be the way to go. I also have noticed that people seem to be very happy with the...