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  1. pyrotech

    (SOLD) FS: BluRay Coleman Max, extras

    (SOLD) I have 2 Coleman Max lasers for sale. They have PHR diodes, Rkcstr drivers set at 100mA. Also, each will include 4 rechargeable 'Juice' batteries AND a set of Bluray (yellow) safety goggles. I would like $65 each, plus $5 for US shipping. They pop black balloons, light black...
  2. pyrotech

    DealExtreme - save yourself the grief

    When is a good deal not a good deal? When you only get half the product that you order and that half doesn't work. I 've seen enough of these problems posted to know that this isn't a slipup, it's a way of doing business. I've tried to chase these crooks down half way around the world, but...
  3. pyrotech

    Snowing in Reno

    Here's what you get when you wave 200mw of 532nm around in the snow. The picture really doesn't do it justice.
  4. pyrotech

    Review: MisterWilling's 8x BluRay

    Shipping: He's obviously done this before. The laser was well padded and protected with bubble wrap. There was no shipping damage at all. The Laser The host is his own custom build anodized in black. It reminds one of a mini Kryton groove. But it has BIG features. An excellent rear clicky...
  5. pyrotech

    Have you got LEDed PHRs?

    I discovered that if you use one in JayRobs glowing marble, it does a credible job. I'm just damn glad I could find a use for one of my disasters.
  6. pyrotech

    FS: o-like new style waterproof red 200Mw (SOLD)

    This Item is SOLD New style waterproof red laser 200mW£*>5~200mw Red laser pointer£*>Laser&lighting products£*>www.0-like.com I've had this focusable laser for about a month (the battery is still on it's first charge). On my optical LPM it comes in at 176Mw. Now I've gotten hooked on...
  7. pyrotech

    Is the a way to test for a dead diode?

    I've got a diode (or two) that no longer works with it's driver. Is there a test that I can do with my DMM to determine it's status. Of course, I think they're dead, but they are 6Xs and I don't want to toss them until I'm sure. I appreciate any guidance you may provide... Of course, of...
  8. pyrotech

    Hi from Reno

    I'm newly addicted, so there maybe a few newbie questions to come out of me. For instance "What is a sled?". I'm damn glad to have such knowledgeable people to learn from.