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  1. Shakenawake

    help with a host

    hey folks, it's been a while since I've been active. i take a peek every now and then. anyway, some of you may remember a host I had Ehgemus make for me. it's still my favorite. a while back, the threads for the tail cap got messed up. not sure if I misaligned them or what but it's certainly...
  2. Shakenawake

    Dreamcatcher forum donation raffle

    I thought of doing this after I finish one I am working on now, but doing it will help motivate me to finish the other as I have been slacking on it. Up for grabs is the most recent dreamcatcher I have completed. it represents my best result yet and the current culmination of my crafting...
  3. Shakenawake

    FS: used NDB7A75 diode $65

    I am using my Dominator's host and heatsink to make a 465nm laser. I got the NUBM44 made into a laser (which I will post about later) made by Ehgemus, which has an even bigger heatsink. seeing as it is more powerful, despite the slightly worse divergence, I've decided to part with my still very...
  4. Shakenawake

    Commission a custom dreamcatcher

    where to begin. I suppose critical info first, details later. I am offering forum members the chance to commission a custom dream catcher from me. the price will vary greatly depending on what options a person chooses. the variables are as follows: 1. ring size, smallest I have yet made are 3"...
  5. Shakenawake


    SOLD, thanks RHD
  6. Shakenawake

    FS: Lasermax Genesis, $100 plus shipping or maybe trade

    FS: LKPD2 projector $300 selling my LK PD2 projector. asking $300 plus shipping
  7. Shakenawake

    Wtb: Lpm

    time to get one. requirements: 1. measure =/< 5W 2. responsive to fluctuating DPSS 3. do not need data logging, but wouldnt mind hearing options.
  8. Shakenawake

    light painting with LK PD2 (pic heavy)

    my first attempt at light painting using the LK PD2 (except the first 6) thanks for looking. anyone can have any of these if they like them, in perpetuity, I don't care.
  9. Shakenawake

    PL-E Pro 4W (focusable) 445nm review

    After I heard of the new 9mm nichi@ diodes it was not long before I was imagining one in a PL-E Pro host, but this did not exist. Grey of Jetlasers has helped my imagined desires become a reality. I'll admit it's not a stretch to think the diodes may have ended up in them eventually, but I'd...
  10. Shakenawake

    Very Ineffiicient energy transfer, still impressive to me

    I have an Eton Microlink FR 160, and after seeing the vid where styropyro drives a tiny electric car that has a small pohotovoltaic cell with a 3W+ 445nm laser, I wondered how much power was needed to power my radio via laser, and if wavelength makes any difference. I tried it out with 1.5W of...
  11. Shakenawake

    round 2 r@ffle

    Time for another donation r4ffle. similar to before, I am changing a few things. nothing is stopping you from donating to LPF, but to enter this r@ffle specifically, you must meet the following requirements. I've seen some posts and gotten PMs asking for exemptions for age, location, etc, but I...
  12. Shakenawake

    confirmed PL-E pro GB

    so I have been interested in these new 9mm diodes, both the 520 and 445. I do not currently own any jetlaser and feel like changing that, but there are not wavelengths or power levels I really want. So I email Grey and ask if these new diodes could be put into PL-E pros, expecting to hear no. No...
  13. Shakenawake

    R.I.P. Oderus Urungus

    Gwar frontman Dave Brockie found dead in Virginia home lame.
  14. Shakenawake

    I would appreciate some help from a U.S. member, closer to CO preferably

    As many know, I'm selling a few of my units. My bad luck continues, though it may be no biggie. I'd really like some help, it doesn't have to be free but I'd appreciate not being charged an arm and leg. The Ideal person to help me has: 1. LPM 2. Soldering iron 3. Diode press (9mm compatible...
  15. Shakenawake

    FS: ~650mW 638nm, in camo 501B: $80

    I'm selling my 638nm unit: $80 shipped CON US The 638nm unit uses the mitsubishi 500mW rated diode, it outputs around 650mW when assembled. the original LPM chart was between 993mW and 1035mW, as this chart shows.http://users.telenet.be/nihao/Verkoop/LPM/LPM%20Shakenawake%20638nm%20501B.jpg...
  16. Shakenawake

    LPF donation r4ffl3

    I've gotten a lot out of this forum. I've decided to r4ffl3 my 532nm module and 501B host This module and host was a gift from Blord, who made it for me just because of my bad luck, he's a real generous guy. I can't sell it as it was a gift, and I don't want it to be completely free. here's...
  17. Shakenawake

    most of my lasers, 12 Megapixel camera in a motel room updated

    I considered making this an all in one review but it's not really that, more of a slide show. Lasers from my signature not shown are the genesis sight, RPL (I don't have it yet), and sold lasers obviously. this pic shows the 660nm laser, but it's in need of a new diode. Safety first. the red...
  18. Shakenawake

    I want to bring attention to something outstanding

    Hey LPF, I'd like to draw your attention to a member who has done something worthy of extreme recognition deserving of as many rep points and praise as can be mustered. As many of you know, Blord does builds, takes amazing photos, lives in Belgium, and is superbly excellent to do business with...
  19. Shakenawake

    properties of wavelengths

    When I first got into lasers, I thought I would be happy with one color, I was wrong. I soon discovered that different wavelengths have different properties. my wavelengths 405nm-black light effect 445nm-some effects like the 405, most powerful visible handhelds 532nm-brightest and farthest...
  20. Shakenawake

    Laser repair in United States?

    I got a ~500mW laser from Blord. it is 405nm. the diode seems to have been faulty or maybe the driver. This laser is in the 501B host. I would like to send it to someone in the United States for replacement of the diode and testing of the driver, rather than to Belgium. I can have DTR send the...