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  1. Dr.Laser

    SOLD: CNI GLP 485nm

    Up for sale a ~10mW CNI GLP 485nm This one has a Osram PLT5 which known to have some kind of dirty window that add some splash around the dot. Asking $old.
  2. Dr.Laser

    WTS: CNI 5mW 495nm Module

    Up for sale is a CNI 495nm module, this was supposed to be a GLP but there was misunderstanding about something which ended making this module instead. It's a full module with driver. Just add 6V power source and you are ready to go. The module is sealed with glue so it will take some effort to...
  3. Dr.Laser

    FS: Sharp 502.6nm

    I have an extra Sharp SB1573N91 measured at 502.6nm. This one is case positive. Asking $50 shipped within the U.S, extra fees for international shipping.
  4. Dr.Laser

    CNI GLP-577: The World's First Yellow Laser Pointer

    A true yellow laser has always been on my want list alongside with cyan laser, luckily I managed to score the later but the former is almost impossible for a hobbyist. When 561nm became available, I was pretty excited thinking it will be yellow until I got one. It's too green and it only looks...
  5. Dr.Laser

    FS: Sharp <505nm diodes SOLD

    Up for sale 3 out 5 sharp 505nm diodes I sent to Paul for testing. All sold First come first served by pm. #3 503.2nm #4 503.8nm #5 502.9nm Paul is taking care of shipping these, note it might take up to a week to ship them.
  6. Dr.Laser

    The color of 410-440nm range

    To people who have seen this range of wavelength in real life. Which wavelength in this range worth having and distinguished from both 405nm and 445nm ? Is there a visible difference between 405nm and 420nm ?
  7. Dr.Laser

    GLP-473 draining battery when not in use

    My GLP-473 completely drains the battery when not use. I usually leave home during business days and by the time I'm back at home on weekend the battery is dead. Any thoughts why something like this would even happen ?
  8. Dr.Laser

    515nm vs 561nm

    I received my GLP 561nm yesterday. My expectation was really high to see yellow before pressing the button but I was disappointed once I saw it because it looked just green at that time. Today I received my 515nm and I decided to compare it to the 561nm and woah the 561nm is yellow :drool: Not...
  9. Dr.Laser

    WTB: GLP-473nm

    I wonder if anyone have one and will let it go.
  10. Dr.Laser

    Need a building service

    Hello I need someone with knowledge and skills to extract a diode from a device (I can safely say it will be relatively easy or at least to extract the module) then build it into a leadlight host or other compact host. It will ship from U.S. It's compact and operates on batteries. It has a...
  11. Dr.Laser

    FS: Exotic Element Samples

    Hello Element collecting was one of my older hobbies but I decided to end it long time ago and already sold most of my collection and there still few more samples to go. Liquid Chlorine - Purity 99.99% asking $90 Liquid Xenon - Purity 99.99% The sample must be cooled to the critical...
  12. Dr.Laser

    488nm diodes price

    Well, it seems to me that the prices of these 488nm diodes are going down quickly. The lowest price I can find at the moment is around $1050 for 60mW which is quite reasonable compared to $7k just few years ago. After I've seen that price, an idea of making a pen build popped in my mind but...
  13. Dr.Laser

    520nm diode that can go as low as 510nm ?

    I'm hunting for 510nm and it seems there are no affordable options in the market other than buying 520nm hoping it will be <515nm So I wonder if targeting 5mW output which diode will be a suitable choice to achieve at least 515nm and possibly 510nm ? I'm sorry if this has been discussed...
  14. Dr.Laser

    low divergence green pointers ?

    I wonder if someone know where to get green pointer with superior beam profile. I need it with a beam diameter of 1±0.2mm at aperture. Between all the lasers I have owned, the DL 594nm had the tightest beam I've ever seen at <1.2mm then comes the novalsers x-series at ~1.2mm
  15. Dr.Laser

    WTB: 589nm/594nm Pointer & CNI GLP 532

    Hello I'm looking for 589nm/594nm Pointer and >100mW CNI GLP or any other branded CNI lasers like novalasers.
  16. Dr.Laser

    WTB: 2W 462nm laser

    Hello I'm looking for ~2W 462nm laser, prefer a compact host.
  17. Dr.Laser

    WTB: 462nm laser

    Hello I haven't been here for long time. I noticed that LPF is not active as it used to be but I'm not sure why. Well, I'm looking for 462nm laser with >1W output power, so anyone got something to offer? Also to make sure that I'm not missing something, is there any diode with...
  18. Dr.Laser

    SOLD: CNI GLP-532 5mW for $35

    Hello Up for sale a CNI GLP-532nm 5mW from the GB, this one is still in bloompyle hands and it will be shipped from the U.S, Asking $35 shipped in the U.S.
  19. Dr.Laser

    CNI 589nm GLPs output mode

    I'm about to buy one but I'm wondering if CNI still produce these 589mn GLPs in pulsed output, I got 2 of them a while ago and they were pulsed. It just looks weird when moving it around. Does anyone here have a CW one or know if CNI can produce them in CW?
  20. Dr.Laser

    WTB: 685nm laser

    Hello I'm looking for 685nm laser in leadlight host at reasonable price, If someone can build one for me, please shoot me a PM.