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  1. sportcoupe

    Wicked Lasers Spyder III Artic G1

    I have not been here in a while and sort of lost interest in lasers (for now) so I'm going to sell one of mine to someone that will use it more then me. For sale: Wicked Lasers Arctic G1, almost new in box with paperwork. This laser has much less then an hour use for sure and that was when I...
  2. sportcoupe

    lowest efficiency 445nm diode?

    I think I may have the lowest efficiency 445 here. I have a 18650 host, flexdrive v4 set to it's absolute max 1.2A and an A130 diode. I get ~750mw with a acrylic aixiz lens and ~850mw with a 405 glass lens on my laserbee LPM. Anyone have a lower efficiency diode?
  3. sportcoupe

    Briefcase Tesla Coil build

    I have always had an interest in HV and always wanted to build a TC since I was young. I would love a large one but it's not really practical where I live so a small one, especially my first, was in order. I read and read here and settled on Peters (TeslaDownUnder.com) briefcase spark gap tesla...
  4. sportcoupe

    microwave oven parts projects (HV power supply and magnetron)

    I got a used 1500 watt microwave oven. What cool projects can I make with the high voltage power supply and magnetron?
  5. sportcoupe

    Are there any portable C-mount 808nm home builds here?

    I've searched for an hour and I can't find a portable home built 808nm C-mount tutorial anywhere. All I found are commercially made portable lasers or bench type lasers. Anyone have a link to a home built portable C-mount?
  6. sportcoupe

    FS: 532nm 125mw laser module from Laser_Ben

    I received my replacement 532nm 125mw laser module from laser_Ben today. I said in another thread that I would sell it right away unopened. Well, I am selling it but I did open it to make sure he shipped a laser module and not a "AA" battery like he did last week. I paid $55 for it and I will...
  7. sportcoupe

    Laser_Ben is a rip off! Don't buy from him!!!!

    I bought a 125mw 532nm laser module and Laser_Ben sent me a "AA" size battery. :wtf: I have begun the paypal dispute. This is the address on the package and from his paypal account. downhillriderben@gmail.com SpectraSales 10430 Lockwood Dr Cupertino, CA 95014 United States
  8. sportcoupe

    Laser_Ben is a rip off! Don't buy from him!!!!!

    I bought a 125mw 532nm laser module and Laser_Ben sent me a "AA" size battery. :wtf: I have begun the paypal dispute.:scowl:
  9. sportcoupe

    HighTechDeals aixiz modules are Sure modules!

    I ordered and received 4 "aixiz modules" from High Tech Deals. Here is the link. http://hightechdealz.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=11 What I received are the slightly less desirable Sure modules. The Sure's are overall shorter then an aixiz, they have a shorter...
  10. sportcoupe

    sent private messages not registering

    I just noticed that none of my PM's I sent after the forum change show up in my sent message folder. There are only old sent messages in there and I have sent plenty recently. Anyone else have this glitch?
  11. sportcoupe

    "my posts" and "my replies" link?

    With the new forum is it possible to have a "my posts" and "my replies" link next to our private message link or somewhere on the main screen? I am on other forums that have this and it is very usefull.
  12. sportcoupe

    battery extension tube for dilda?

    Does anyone make a custom battery extension tube for the dilda to add one more battery?
  13. sportcoupe

    81ma max output from rkstar micro-drive help

    I have a blu-ray laser pointer made by a member here. The output of the laser seems real low compared to a PHR blu-ray I have running 160ma. I check the ma on the blu-ray made by the member and it is only 61ma. That explains the low output, LOL. I unscrew the business end (an easy host to work...
  14. sportcoupe

    WTB: pen style Blu-Ray

    Title says it all. I am looking for a pen style Blu-Ray over 100mw, no flashlight builds either please.
  15. sportcoupe

    DX 200mw red laser packages--PRICE REDUCED!

    I have 4 (four) DX 200mw red pointer packages for sale. Each package includes one pointer, one pair of UltraFire CR2 3.0v rechargeable batteries and one CR2 battery charger. The laser pointers are brand new and were tested using a Kenometer laser power meter. Standard CR2 3.0volt batteries were...
  16. sportcoupe

    For sale or trade, a Nova X125 532nm greenie

    I have a nearly brand new Nova X125 greenie for sale. Nova spec sheet says it peaked at 150mw and averaged 141mw. It is only a month old and in perfect condition, not a single scratch on it. I am asking $250 shipped for it. I would be interested in a trade if anyone has a 808nm 1W they don't...
  17. sportcoupe

    Class IV high speed wire marking UV laser

    I work for a corporate jet company. We do major systems installation so we use lots of wire. Lots. Ever wonder how we deal with the miles and miles of wire in aircraft? Each wire is marked. Sound simple right? The real old school way was to use a typewriter to type directly on heat shrink...
  18. sportcoupe

    Digital camera tips for night shots wanted

    I searched but...........the search feature never has worked for me. It just sits there acting dumb. Can someone give me tips for taking digital camera pictures of laser beams at night? My 1st attempt didn't come out too great. Leaving it set to "auto" was a failure.
  19. sportcoupe

    Post your laser storage cases please

    My collection is growing as fast as my wallet can handle. I need some way of storing all my lasers in one spot. I was thinking about a handgun foam case. Lets see some pictures of your storage solutions.
  20. sportcoupe

    greenies don't make good burners

    I just received my Nova x125 today. It came with a label on the box stating 150mw maximum power and 141mw average. I quickly put a fresh set of AAA batteries in and give it a test. I was rewarded with a very bright spot on the wall. Cool. now, lets burn something. I grab a wooden match and...