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  1. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    1W 520, NDG700, host & battery questions

    Looking for a high-power 520. I have a SKYLASERS 532 300mW. Great laser but time to change from DPSS. Found this 520. Nichia NDG700. Questions: 1. Anyone know what host this is? Seen it before. Looks similar diameter to 501B. 501B fits 18350s perfectly. Will this fit 18350s? 2. Drawing 1.8A...
  2. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW


    Just got a single mode 650/660nm laser. Uses one of the open-can LPC diodes. Amazingly tight beam. The divergence is insane low! Using the lens on the left which I don't know what kind it is?....(on the right is a 3 element lens for comparison). Anyone know what kind of lens is on the left? The...
  3. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    520 Diodes & Crooked Output?

    I have a SciFi 501B 520, using the PL520 (OSRAM?) diode. The output coming straight from the diode is very angled. With the lens the beam is of course crooked as well. It's bad...the laser otherwise is amazing quality. I own a SF 501B 1.6W 445. Perfect laser. Talked to a few people who both...
  4. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    SKYLASERS HL - 532 300mW $100

    *** SOLD *** $100 - I am selling my Skylasers HL 532nm 300mW (NO IR FILTER). I am selling it since I'm looking to buy a 520nm laser. I bought it in early June 2015. It has about an hour of runtime total. It's a great laser but I'm going for something new now. :beer: On Sky's website this...
  5. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW


    I'm looking to buy a higher power 532 (hundreds of mW). Narrowed it down to Dragonlasers and Skylasers. Very interested in Sky. After reading reviews here and e-mailing Skylasers I have some questions. As you know green appears brightest, and a high power one will complete my collection: *...
  6. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    [NEW MEMBER] Greetings from East USA

    Hey everyone new member here. Read the rules and Stickies. Been reading this forum since last summer though. Fell in love with lasers back in 1999/2000 when cheap button-cell keychain reds were a fad. In 2014 the interest returned. Got my first cheap 532, found this forum, learned the basics...
  7. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    LaserPointerPro Cheap 50mW 532nm Review

    I know what you're probably thinking. Another junk Chinese 532. Get your mode-hopping and free IR, learn your lesson, move on. Correct. BUT... :shhh:... Got into lasers a year ago and read this forum a lot, plus did my own research. Learned a lot including 532s and DPSS/IR. Learned the basics...
  8. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    [REMOVED] Accidental double-post

    Accidental double-post. Removed. Review is here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/laserpointerpro-chinese-diamond-rough-93289.html
  9. FiveTwentyThreeHundredmW

    Dragonlasers 90mW 635nm [Review]

    Ordered January 15 2015, received by the 20th. Arrived well-packaged in a small thick box with plenty of bubblewrap. Laser also sealed in an antistatic bag, which is a great seeing how these products aren't cheap and it shows DL respects the quality they put out. Upon removing the laser, first...