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  1. MessiTom

    G2 glass lense & focus knobs

    For sale a G2 glass lenses and a rather nice focus knob. $50, includes shipping and PayPal fees. -Tom.s
  2. MessiTom

    FireFox hates LPF?

    Does this site lock up anyone else's browser often? It seems for me just in the last 2 weeks or so LPF is the only web site not agreeing with Mozilla? Does anyone else experience this?
  3. MessiTom

    East coast rocket launch

    Again another night time highly visible launch out of NASA Wallops VA
  4. MessiTom

    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    I didnt know this was coming out Good trailer, Iam looking forward to this. X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Trailer (2014) - YouTube
  5. MessiTom

    GITD shirt

    Iam sorry if this is a repost. I thought the GITD people and ones who like to use lasers with such would enjoy this t-shirt ThinkGeek :: Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee
  6. MessiTom

    Laser Jack-O-Lantern. Post Your's

    Here is my pumpkin for this year's Halloween. 532nm 532nm by Messitom, on Flickr pumkinshades by Messitom, on Flickr 445nm 445nm by Messitom, on Flickr Post your's :D
  7. MessiTom

    a HeNe host for you gas'ers ; )

    Maybe its just me but I immediately thought of a HeNe tube being inside this "portal" gun! lol Dosent it "look" like it has one already (I know it dosent)? Someone mod one of these somehow Smaller replica http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WvaCfhANiQI from ThinkGeek...
  8. MessiTom

    Reading Resistors "phrase" Remember?

    Ever learn "Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly" for reading resistor colors? This I learned in Vo-Tech in 10th grade and I still remember it somehow lol. You?
  9. MessiTom

    Advertising Redirects now?

    Iam just curious if this is me or a new thing here. I am getting alot of re directs to other sites and to google play store when I try to browse the forums on my android phone. I tried 5 times to go into my "user cp" each time being re directed until I gave up and jumped on my desktop. Anyone...
  10. MessiTom

    THANKS Shake (532nm R4ffl3) pics

    This is a thank you thread to shakenawake for the LPF donation R4ffl3 here http://laserpointerforums.com/f56/lpf-donation-r4ffl3-84910.html For a mere $6 donation I won a 74mw 532nm module in a 501b host by Blord with holster AND Eagle Pair safety glasses. THANK YOU SHAKENAWAKE!!!! sapposed...
  11. MessiTom

    Poo~Pourri LMAO

    Must watch this commercial! lol Secret to Odorless Pooping in Public - PooPourri.com - YouTube.
  12. MessiTom

    Futurama...Gona Miss

    Anyone else a fan of the show and sad to see it go again? I thought the last episode was sweet and fitting. Farewell (again) Futurama : (
  13. MessiTom

    Astronomy Star Party. PA Pics

    Hello, I just got back from the "Black Forest Star Party" at Cherry Springs state park which is a dedicated astronomy field recognized by the International Dark Sky Association and sapposedly the darkest place on the coast. They sell out registration every year at 475 "tickets". This was my 5th...
  14. MessiTom

    Rocket Launch 9/6 NASA Wallops VA

    11:27 PM EST LADEE moon mission launchs from Virginia If you are lucky enough to live close this can be visible and IMO damn cool to watch. I was able to see a launch from Wallops on a mountain top here in central PA a few years back! Mission info Minotaur V Good Luck viewing. If I wasnt...
  15. MessiTom

    Mcrouse Knob

    Hello, I recently bought two G2 lenses and a polished knurled focus knob. Iam selling one G2 and the knob. I was originally going to sell both my G2's but Iam going to keep one just in case (why the pic is edited) REASON, After trying out the G2 Ive come to dislike the divergence more than I...
  16. MessiTom

    Telescope Beam DE-expander lol

    Through my 6" F8 Achromatic Refractor. Laser didnt have a lense. Shot with my Nikon D3100 fav by Messitom, on Flickr A keen eye can spot the double cluster NGC 869 in Perseus Through the finder scope. Poor focus finder by Messitom, on Flickr
  17. MessiTom

    Elon Musk's Hyperloop

    Looks cool Hyperloop | Blog | Tesla Motors
  18. MessiTom

    532 Phaser From S.T T.N.G Build

    Hello, This is my first build (if it qualifies as one). Initially I wanted to make a phaser laser from TOS (the original series) like Jayrob. In fact searching for it is what led me to this site. BUT I decided I was going to use this as a pointer for astronomy. We do alot of public outreach...
  19. MessiTom

    Oblivion (movie) laser shots

    I just thought they were cool looking. I finally got to see this movie a few nights ago and also enjoyed the "laser" shots lol my fav
  20. MessiTom

    Nice Cree XP-E Q5. Anyone?

    Does anyone use one of these as a host. I think its very nice on the eyes http://dx.com/p/uitrafire-l-q5zz-cree-xp-e-q5-3-mode-180lm-cool-white-1-led-flashlight-silver-grey-1-x-14500-228606