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  1. DarkSide

    Mrcrouse's Custom Hosts - Picture Heavy

    Nice stuff...
  2. DarkSide

    jake21 / jake22 banned

    If i can just chine in here. SCARU's intentions and visit here are for good reasons only. What he has found out to be true is actually a problem that's going to reappear with some other buyers and other forums. I think Dave nailed it best and i believe a similar comment can be found on BLF...
  3. DarkSide

    SOLD: 150mW-180mW Green (532nm)

    Re: FS: 150mW-180mW Green (532nm) All in good fun folks....Any opportunity to quote Tuko!
  4. DarkSide

    SOLD: 150mW-180mW Green (532nm)

    Re: FS: 150mW-180mW Green (532nm) Note the obvious opportunities to flame or pound the OP into proverbial submission here. A bruiser and an admitted stickler for enforcing compliant sales threads that consistently over disclose the particulars. And selling over spec lasers at under-spec...
  5. DarkSide

    Lumens meet 532

    Finally, someone actually did a good job of creating one application out of two i hold near and dear..Now if only they Check it out for yourself BlackShadow Flashlight-
  6. DarkSide

    Looking for someone to hopup my wicked spyder3 200mv can it be done

    Do a search for our resident WL Expert and over clocker, Jerry .. He does wonders with under driven WL products.
  7. DarkSide

    4S Li-Ion Balancer

    get a hobby grade charger. Most will allow you to balance and charge up to 6-12 cells. Plus discharge etc. A suggestion regarding the TF cells..Not very good cells.. Look around here and note some of capable 18650's that are available. Hobbyking.com is a good place for chargers...Cheap and...
  8. DarkSide


    Uhm Jerry, re-read my post. I was whole heartily agreeing with your statement. Like the movie when one person looks at the the other points two fingers at he's eyes and then points them at the other person? They both agree they see eye to eye without saying a word. My bad for not...
  9. DarkSide


    Jerry - I have read that same statement from 100's of times. Ahhh...Just a P'ssd off vet ..I did think this Its so true. This place and others serves a battle ground for testing the young and dumb. Sure, there are older people but they dont get the red carpet rolled out due to lack of...
  10. DarkSide

    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: The MagicStick V2 - A Custom Host I'll take a 26650 host in addition to the 18650. Shoot me a PM if they are still available? Metal Clicky? i get the chills....lol
  11. DarkSide

    How much have you spent on lasers

    Are we talking per quarter or per month here? curious
  12. DarkSide

    FS: Custom 2x26650 Host.

    i quickly searched harry's thread for the universally accepted and virtual " I"ll take it"...I didn't see one. just some blah blah thread bondo. So I'll take it... nice purchase yob......errrrr!!!!
  13. DarkSide


    Hey, there's no legal issue if you stop by and ask if you can speak to him. If he has a problem with it then simply get off the property. If he is reading this then he will doubt it: bringing the internet to your door step and knocking , i doubt its a reality he's prepared to deal with...
  14. DarkSide

    Cheap Multimeter...

    Its a good MM for basic functionality. If you check amp draw with these cheaper models very likely your numbers will be wrong. Toss the leads way to thin, if your testing a laser you need thick leads. This unit i doubt has the necessary amp capacity laserists will require. Fluke makes some...
  15. DarkSide


    I did complete a successful transaction with Aaron 4-5 months ago. He did some milling on Surefire hosts and besides a few weeks delay all went well. I also do have e-mails and Shipping address as well Paypal related details. I'll check whats posted against what i have and post an additional...
  16. DarkSide

    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: The MagicStick V2 - A Custom Host sinner - I dont think you'll get any complaints if you need extra time polishing. This is the kinda of delay people embrace when all said and done. Question - is that? No, cant be.. Is that a polished clicker button? in the v.3 pic? please say no...
  17. DarkSide

    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: The MagicStick V 2- Anodized Black PICS Is this still the first batch? Early for an ETA or is it close? Hey, if it helps i'll finish the polishing, no worries. I know how time consuming it must be.. If im not put me down for 1 for batch V2
  18. DarkSide

    My homemade GAUSS RIFLE

    It gets points for looking like a cool weapon. Lasers , cool colors, counter balance.. Not sure if your semi serious claiming its a weapon with any value . The design is poor or counter productive to projecting anything from the business end with a chance of hitting a paper target. It would...
  19. DarkSide

    Warning about LPF member "pr0jkt" & PayPal

    Re: Warning about LPF member "pr0jkt" You must! Must get signature confirmation And it must be in person. If you have anything less when Paypal comes calling consider it a lost case. To the OP - Can you provide proof the buyer acknowledged receipt of the Laser , either by email or...
  20. DarkSide

    WL Keep it alive

    This is a great thread. Any particular reason it was closed? It has all the makings of a long drama flick? Espionage, two faced double dealing, a verbal street fight and disappointment. Goes to show how everything done in the dark does mysteriously find the bright green light..under spec...