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  1. blrock

    Anamorphics and waveplate help?

    Hey all, It's been awhile since I did some laser building so I just ordered two sets anamorphics prisms (coated 445 and 650nm) and a waveplate. I intend to combine two M140s with a PBS and then try fix the divergence. (the other prisms are for the 635s which I'll play with at some other stage)...
  2. blrock

    DTR M140 very impressive 2.5W

    I bought a M140 with G2 lens from DTR a couple of months back and only tested it this past weekend. I set the Flexmod to exactly 1.99A and my Laserbee LPM quickly flat lined @ 2.5W ! I guess it would have reached at least 2.6W+. Tempted to buy another and combined them with my PSB to achieve...
  3. blrock

    45W Argon $650

    I really hope someone on these forums buys this guy: Spectra Physics 171 Argon/Krypton 45 watt Laser Head and 270 Exciter | eBay I would love to see it in action. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I lived in the US. All those photons would be so satisfying :)
  4. blrock

    Huge power drop on DHOM

    Hey all, It's been 10 months since last I "played" with any laser. Just been so busy with other activities. I powered up my 1.6W DHOM and was rather disappointed that it peaks @ 900mW. Even after an hour warm up. I powered it on/off several times, but it always settled @ around 900mW. I...
  5. blrock

    Anyone from Haifia shine laser at cruise ship?

    We stopped in haifa on the MSC Magnifica crusie ship on Dec, 12 and left the 17H00 13th. I was sitting on the balcony outside my cabin watching Haifa becoming smaller and smaller, the city bathed in orange light. It was about 18H15 and I noticed a very distinguished green light. Then I saw the...
  6. blrock

    460nm on eeebay?

    Just curious.. >1W 460nm Blue Laser RARE! Analog US Seller BRIGHTER than 445nm!! | eBay
  7. blrock

    1W 405nm from Bob laser ??

    I know 1 watt has been broken by LPF members but my understanding is that they were 500mw rated diodes. Are these true 1W ? 405nm 1w laser diode - Detailed info for 405nm 1w laser diode,laser diode,405nm 1w laser diode,BOB-AL445T1000 on Alibaba.com
  8. blrock

    Girl community on LPF?

    How many girls get excited about lasers like us guys? Are there any dedicated girl laserists here? Just wondering cause no matter how hard I try the most I can get my fiance to do is hold an aixiz module while I solder the leads...
  9. blrock

    I haven't played with my lasers for a week

    Sorry for this pathetic thread, but this is the first week in about 15 years that I haven't powered up a laser. Must be the wedding planning distracting me:) It's weired how lasers become part of your live... FYI, my wife-to-be gave me the go ahead to setup and use my RGB laser @ our wedding...
  10. blrock

    800mw Green. Upgrade to 10W pump

    I've just put my 4-watt-quad-blue-build on hold as I blew one of the 445s this weekend. (Had 4 in series @ 24V 1.2A. The first one in the line LED!) For a while now I have been toying with the idea of stripping my Lambdapro lab 800mw greenie, rebuilding it and pumping the crystals with some...
  11. blrock

    Stupid idea? Focusing several 445s

    Don't why I'm even suggesting this. Just something crazy I've thought of while sitting @ work. I've got this 10-15W fiber laser system complete with cooling etc. The laser exists the fiber in the most perfect circle....although not collimated. Now, I know it's a bar type laser that is somehow...
  12. blrock

    RGB Laser System in acrylic box

    I finally got around this weekend to complete my laser system. Built a box out of clear acrylic. The 10mm thickness proved to be quite the challenge when shaping the holes! It's 98% complete. Just waiting for the larger galvo mirrors to arrive. Should improve the red output. Total powers...
  13. blrock

    Hard drive platters as bounce mirrors

    I was looking at building a new rig with some bounce mirrors. Because I had a number of old hard drives lying about, thought it would be a great idea to strip them as use them in the rig. Spend Saturday morning stripping 6 hard drives..... Results: Raw 532nm. Distance 20cm: 550mW Bounce of...
  14. blrock

    1.6W DHOM Greenie

    So my new DHOM green laser arrived. The laser was as a 1 Watt but I asked them to find one with a higher power. They were very helpful and said the one I’ll receive will output 1600-1800mW. I tested the laser when it arrived and it did indeed do 1657mW. A steal @ $850! I benchmarked the laser...
  15. blrock

    Voltage overhead for 2 x 445 in series

    I just realized my 445s may be underpowered..I don't know. Basically, 2 A140s are in series, connected to a Flexmod P3, running at 1.4A 18V(regulated). They outputing about 890mW each. Shouldn't they be closer to 1200mW. Is the voltage too low to carry this current taking into account the...
  16. blrock

    Upgrade from 510mW to 1300mW?

    After buying a LPM and getting a dissapointing 510mW from my "800mW" laser I would like to upgrade. I can get a 1300mW green lab laser at a good price +- $900 I know the brightness won't double but will the brightness difference warrent this upgrade?
  17. blrock

    1183mW 650nm Review

    The laser arrived yesterday after only two days shipping. First thing was to measure the output...applied 5v to analog input. I was expecting 800-950mW but the LPM displayed 1183mW. I was amazed how bright the dot appeared. It was still day time so I closed the curtains to give an idea of the...
  18. blrock

    Blew my 500mw red. Bought 1 Watt

    After using my Laserbee and found out the 635nm laser was only doing 200mw I decided to investigate. The current was 850mA and after contacting the manufacturer I was informed the current should be at a max of 1200mA. I set it to 1100mA to be "SAFE" It produced 490mW. My happiness only lasted 10...
  19. blrock

    Laserbee 2.5 USB. Readings?

    My laserbee arrived today to my delight. Rushed home to do some power measuring for the first time. Just got some unexpected readings on all my lasers. I'm I doing something wrong? 500mw 635nm - 205mw on Laserbee 800mw 532nm - 408mw on Laserbee 1000mA A140 445nm - 580mw on Laserbee 1400mA A140...
  20. blrock

    Good idea to buy 40 watt Laserscope?

    I've been tempted for years to buy a laserscope. I see they pop up on ebay for $1500-$2000 from time to time, fully operational. I'd be one happy man if I had a 40 watt greenie:) Is it worth buying or a bad idea? Does anyone have one? PS: I only want 40 watts because I semi-played(got to touch...