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  1. hugo999999

    470nm DX laser diode?

    hi, just saw this when browsing DX, anyone reckon this thing actually has 470nm laser diodes? i have a feeling they are just leds. DealExtreme: $23.00 Hair Loss Therapy Cure Power Grow Laser Comb Kit with Manicure Set (4*AAA) full view Hugo.
  2. hugo999999

    new dealextreme 405+532

    hi, just saw this before when i was browsing dealextreme. not sure if its been posted or not but appears to be similar to the one jayrob used for his yellow mod, but with violet and green. DealExtreme: $35.50 2-in-1 5mW 532nm Green + 5mW 405nm Blue Laser Pen (2*23A)
  3. hugo999999

    adjusting the power of a green module

    hi, i need a way to adjust the power of a green laser module for my upcoming build of an RGB. is it possible to simply add a potentiometer between the modules driver and the power source to adjust power? or will i need to make a ddl driver for it (if so how much should say- a 50mw green be run...
  4. hugo999999

    ps3 hacked (again)

    hi, a new ps3 modchip usb has just been released/ will be on the 3rd of september. anyway heres some links on it: PS Jailbreak - PSX/PS2/PS3 Scene Newz PS3 USB Hack | PS3 Hacks :: PS3 Homebrew :: PS3 Downloads what do you guys think about this? seems like a better idea then the linux hack to...
  5. hugo999999

    delays with Australia post?

    hi, several weeks ago (3-5 weeks) i bought a couple of packages (from hightechdealz, the UK and hong kong) and none have arrived yet. usually post takes 2 weeks max to get here. i am inclined to believe that my packages have been delayed, because they couldn't all have been lost....:undecided...
  6. hugo999999

    green lasers in extreme cold

    hi, soon i will be going on a ski trip and i need to know what lasers to bring :evil: I have heard and seen how bad green lasers go in slight cold, and am wondering if they would be absolutely useless at such low temperatures. obviously my violets and reds will work because they're not dpss, but...
  7. hugo999999

    looking for a 18650 charger

    hi i am looking for an 18650 battery charger and do not know which to get :thinking:. i have looked on DX and will probably end up buying the DSD charger found here: DealExtreme: $6.87 DSD 18650 CR123A Charger Black what chargers do you guys have? should i just get the DSD charger? i mainly...
  8. hugo999999

    green laser module, which should i get?

    hi im wanting to get a higher powered green laser. it would have to be a module, as all "complete" lasers are taken by customs :mad:. some that i have in mind are the: o-like 150mw $100 (not IR filtered) the laserlands 150mw $65 (IR filtered apparently) 30 second warmup and the DX 200mw $50...
  9. hugo999999

    powering a green module off a higher voltage lm317

    hi i would like to run a green laser module from DX for my laser spirograph off a single wall inverter with the motors. is it possible to power a green laser module that normally runs on 3v off a higher voltage by simply sticking an lm317 regulator in front of it? do i need to add anything else...
  10. hugo999999

    crazy dog man

    if you live in australia you may have already seen this on the news :D i have no idea how to embed it so heres the link on youtube: YouTube - Psycho Dog Man on ACA (BETTER VERSION) :wtf:
  11. hugo999999

    915nm laser goggles

    hi soon i will be making a 915nm laser and i will need some laser glasses for protection. i am unsure where to get them. i have tried dragonlasers which i trust, but they only have OD 3 goggles which will probably be too low for my laser (4W). does anyone know any places i could find some 915nm...
  12. hugo999999

    need advice on making a yellow laser

    hi i would like to make a yellow laser by combining red and green lasers together. my problem is that i cannot do jayrobs tutorial as the dx pointer is 5mw and it would be confiscated by Australian customs. :cryyy: does anyone know where i could buy some form of mirror that can combine 532nm...
  13. hugo999999

    looking for blocks of aluminium

    hi im looking to buy a few blocks of aluminium at 4cmx4cmx4cm or something close to that. does anyone have anything they could sell to me or know of somewhere i could buy something like this? thanks, hugo.
  14. hugo999999

    looking for heatsinks

    hi everyone im looking for large square or rectangular heatsinks suitable for a labby build. does anyone know where i can buy them online or from a member on lpf? would need to be large and basically a block of metal, nothing fancy like a dorcy torch heatsink or anything. thanks, hugo.
  15. hugo999999

    lpc 815 dead?

    hi i just got my lpc 815 diode in a housing from modwerx (came with preslodered leads onto the diode). i set my driver to 363 ma (not much as i have heard people running at 420ma+) and attached my laser. instantly only a faint amount of laser light came out (comparable to a 5mw). i also noticed...
  16. hugo999999

    where to buy laser glasses?

    hi i would like to buy some laser glasses online but am not sure whereabouts to get them. they would need to cover 650nm and 405nm. i have looked at dragonlasers and would probably end up buying them there unless anyone has any better places i could buy laser glasses from? thanks