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  1. EnjoyJakarta

    Earth Day

    Hi, just lazing at Earth Day March 28, 2015. Just a few pics from central of my capitol city of Indonesia, Jakarta. :beer: Any one that have pics that shine the night of the mother earth are welcome and please add some light. If you dont, well . . . wait until next Earth Day. :na: Mine Green...
  2. EnjoyJakarta

    White Laser

    Well, I just curious about white laser and want to ask of you that have more knowledge about technology in laser. I just find a web about Leica micro systems that developing white laser but not conventionally using mirror. Have any comment ? Does it use mix laser to have white colour or a single...
  3. EnjoyJakarta

    Hi Everybody

    well, I live in South East Asia in a beutiful country called Indonesia. Have a life at the capitol City - Jakarta might be just like New York... traffic everywhere :cryyy: If you see my avatar, that's our National Monument "MONAS" in Indonesian language. As I start to see it glowing, that was...