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  1. themandalorian

    400mw Blu Ray: $200

    Hey guys I'm broke for christmas but I'm selling the 400mw blu ray laser I bought. It has under an hour of usage (probably under 20 minutes because I've rarely had time to use it and kept the duty cycles at 10 seconds with a minute or 2 rest) and is in a pocket mini host, with jayrobs lens and...
  2. themandalorian

    Skylasers on Focalprice? For Cheap?

    Now I know most of CNI's stuff is the same as Laserglow (except CNI won't sell the hercules Laserglow exclusive :(), and that Viasho's is different from Optotronics (Viasho rep confirmed this), however could this laser from focalprice be the same as the ones offered on skylasers? I wonder what...
  3. themandalorian

    Anti Corrupt FDA Interference

    Is there a way we can protect ourselves from the fda meddling in lasers? If they are leaving us alone then maybe, just maybe, the lowly workers of the fda will do a little better protecting us from hazardous food and drugs. Sorry I hate how corrupt the FDA is, but my point is to ask if there's a...
  4. themandalorian

    10x Blu ray Burner from Buffalo

    Searched and found this. Where did this come from techPowerUp! News :: Buffalo Launches Two 10X Blu-ray Writers
  5. themandalorian

    Star Wars in Concert Laser Show

    I just bought tickets for my girlfriend and I to star wars in concert (and yes she likes star wars, unlike some other girls I've been with). Is anyone else going they're touring the country and from the previews I saw on G4 and youtube the laser show looks pretty neat, some green lasers. I...
  6. themandalorian

    Free Tacos at Jack in the box... Again

    Jack in the Box - Coupon - Two Free Tacos from Jack in the Box No purchase necessary :)
  7. themandalorian

    DX 150mW Focusable Green, burner?

    only 134 dollars for 150mW. Looks to be manufactured by YagooCN, they also have another model that goes up to 400mW Focusable. I'm interested in having a focusable green for both show and burning. What do you guys think? It accepts the aixiz assembly too. DealExtreme: $134.91 150mW...
  8. themandalorian

    Possible to throttle sisters connection??

    So is there a way, router or on her computer to throttle my sister connection? She seems to think she needs to watch 4 youtube videos at a time chat, im, and then ben on facebook. Can anyone help
  9. themandalorian

    Confused About chargers

    I know the dangers of Li ion batteries and wanted a smartcharger so I wouldn't overcharge my batteries. Is there a reasonably prices smart charger that has an auto cutoff? I don't want just a light to turn on. Intelligent Charger for LiIon cells part 2 - CPFMarketPlace Does this do the trick...
  10. themandalorian

    Life size Gundam Attacked by Green Lasers!

    Full-Size Gundam Get Attacked by Laser During Inaugural Ceremony
  11. themandalorian

    Free Coffee

    Ok I work at starbucks and get a pound of coffee a week. Currently I have five bags Gazebo Blend X2 11.95 Rwanda X2 12.95 Kona Coffee X1 22.50 I'm not looking to sell them but give them away ( I think selling them is grounds for firing anyways). So Can someone tell me the estimated price to...
  12. themandalorian

    Cheap food

    Arby's® BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger™ Coupon Never been to arby's but a sandwich for about a buck sounds good? no?
  13. themandalorian

    Focalprice? And their Greenies?

    I decided to put this in the general section because It has two points, and yes i did search. Does Focalprice Ship to the US? I just bought a 1 watt red from DAOO, however a nice cheap greenie would be nice. I was thinking about getting around 5 cheap greenies from Focalprice and was wondering...
  14. themandalorian

    My Trade History

    Currently having a Transaction with Darkarmyofone pending. Butttttttt, I had business with John Lawson and everything went smoothly, He sent extra batteries and was extremely helpful. Basically You can Trust him
  15. themandalorian

    Ughhh Stupid friend

    Just Made a hole (or yellow mark) on the white part of his eye. He even has goggles, it reflected off a mirror. 100 mw did this much damage in a second. For anybody reading right now, SPEND MONEY ON THE GOGGLES. I seriiously think this section needs a sticky, After all it is the most important...
  16. themandalorian

    Just bought a 3 Watt IR/Red Laser

    From Darkarmyofone. Sooo How do you think I will like it. I guess it also has a 500mw Red in it too so you can see where you are pointing. The only thing I'm scared about is sight, Does anyone have a site with glasses for this kind of laser (OEM confuses me a bit). Yeah I'm excited, Kryton...
  17. themandalorian

    Viasho Group Buy interest

    Viasho Group Buy (Optotronics for cheap) Hey this isn't a group buy, but rather a thread asking about the interest of one. Would You guys want RPL units? My talks with CNI haven't been the greatest, and Scope and I have both been trying, but we have also been talking to Viasho to see if it is...
  18. themandalorian

    c0ld Could you Help Us change a title?

    Scope guy and I wanted to change our Group buy Thread title to a new date, We are having a new group buy from CNI (you should join!!!) and as of now the title reads "Last chance 3-16-1009" Can we change this so people will view our thread rather than ignore it
  19. themandalorian

    Now I understand LG and Opto's Prices

    Ok hope I don't get flamed. But when I first got into this I was amazed at the prices. Then I started reading about how tough it is to get high quality crystals, all the soldering, etc etc. Then I read about how amazing Opto's divergence is and could see why their prices are so high. They have...
  20. themandalorian

    Hey Guys

    Uhhhh dunno what to say? Plan on spending a few hundred and getting in on a group buy with Scope guy I've been looking at lasers for about 10 years, 4 years seriously considering getting a wickedlaser (THANK GOD I FOUND THIS FORUM FIRST). Anyways after seeing a good friend of mine and fellow...