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  1. Alien Laser

    High Voltage Project!

    I made this cool lightning storm effects!!! ⚡ Am still working on it 👾
  2. Alien Laser

    Need Info 505nm & 520nm !

    I purchased this laser Sep 15, 2019 and everytime i turn it on i can't figure out is this a 520nm or 505nm 🧐
  3. Alien Laser

    Alien Laser 488nm Build!

    Sharp 488nm GH04850B2G New Build ! :alien:
  4. Alien Laser

    Alien Laser 465nm Build!

    NUBM07 465nm Laser DTR-G-2 New Build ! :alien:
  5. Alien Laser

    980nm & Nd:YVO4+KTP

    I have 980nm laser and i was thinking installing a green crystal to get a high power 532nm !!! i know 808nm is used for the Nd:YVO4 what will happen if i use a 980nm :unsure: did anyone ever try it !
  6. Alien Laser

    7W Laser Build !

    7W 445nm Laser :alien:
  7. Alien Laser

    My Backyard!

    As many can see my backyard is perfect for lasers its all mountains and forest at night is pitch dark since the are no street lights around :alien:
  8. Alien Laser

    Positive Negative Polarity Sign!

    I bin searching all over to find small sticky for lasers positive negative polarity something small not the size of a battery !! Any recommendation ware to find something like 2cm or even 1cm !! :unsure:
  9. Alien Laser

    Wicked Laser 445nm Self destruct !!!

    I have a first gen wicked laser and the diode is not working anymore i shinned it on a mirror and the beam hit the diode self destruct activated :sneaky: was wondering what diode will work on this driver i would like to use a 638nm i tested the driver using a 650nm and the diode just vanished...
  10. Alien Laser

    Wicked Laser Disassembly !

    Am back to lasers hahah ,I just got a wicked laser for $40 charger battery and the glasses + holster None working the lights light up and no beam its like brand new condition :alien: Anyone have any idea how to take the laser a part cant find anything on it i seen some pictures but cant find...
  11. Alien Laser

    hi friends

    am not on much because i have moved and we are renovating the house i will be back soon to laser's :)
  12. Alien Laser

    New Laser Build Sharp 490nm

    Just did a laser build and compared the Sharp 490nm to other laser's 👽 tkAZdXeg0CA&list=PLRqMipcsRXz78Jh8zZglO9rIfTfhKi8WR
  13. Alien Laser

    Laptops restore

    This is what i was working on restoring some old laptops parts all over the place :whistle: I also used chemicals like peroxide 40% to restore the color to original and some other!
  14. Alien Laser


    I bin very busy doing nothing hehe :crackup: well i was messing around and i was rebuilding some old vintage laptops, the ware parts all over the room, i did also some laser build will post some pics!!! nothing special just a 505nm, and i got 1 IR laser at 980nm 1.5W
  15. Alien Laser

    Alien Laser 16.8mm contact board

    Thanks to (ArcticDude ) for designing the file I Just got this in the look nice check out the pics :pop: - Info the are 16.8mm contact board https://oshpark.com/profiles/ArcticDude
  16. Alien Laser

    New Laser Build >7W/445nm!

    This is an >7W laser build Check out how clean it looks, :pop: -
  17. Alien Laser

    New Laser Build 505nm!

    Check out this laser build the color is nice, Comparing the 532nm/520nm and 505nm -
  18. Alien Laser

    Check out the Host!

    I got this nice hosts and am waiting too find some 16.8mm contact board's, This nice host's are Made By ( ElectricPlasma ) The last image's i got its nice focusing adapters Made By ( Lifetime17 ) I will use it for me laser66 hosts or any other ::pop:
  19. Alien Laser

    Laser's Review 650nm 638nm 445nm!

    I got 3 cool laser's from Hap in me collection thank you :beer: -
  20. Alien Laser

    New Oclaro 638nm 700mw Build!

    Ok nothing special just a Oclaro 638nm build I love the color its :cool: Driver used is a Micro Flexdrive V5 / 500mA- 1.5A -