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    FS: Large lasers

    Moving into a smaller place soon, need to downsize the physical size of my collection :) Shipping will be around $20-$25 for tracked shipping on the HeNe's. $40- Melles Griot HeNe with Uniphase lab style PSU Note: Sometimes this one takes a few on/off cycles of the power supply to get...
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    FS: 40W Presstek diode

    Comes with a 6' fibre cable, and a coupler. Closest thing to a datasheet that I have: AAD5140 and AAD5146 Discussion on this diode in this thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/presstek-40w-ir-diode-87558.html#post1274193 Asking $175 USD, tracked shipping to Canada and USA included, add...
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    Buy, Sell, & Trade Rules

    Providing another link to the B/S/T rules in this section: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/must-read-before-you-can-post-buy-sell-trade-board-74202.html
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    How to: Delete visitor messages

    Someone recently spammed the visitor messages area on a few user profiles. If this ever happens you can delete the messages on your own message board. Next to the message there is a small check box, select the messages you want to delete then go to the drop down menu below all the messages and...
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    Function Generator LCD Repair

    I got a second hand function generator (Rigol DG1022) off of ebay, and it arrived with some damage that was not mentioned in the description :( It's got this weird distortion on the display, like so and it is still sort of visible when the display is off. Does anyone know what this is, how it...
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    Popup ads and sounds.

    The ads on LPF are giving me popups and are making noises. Anyone else having this issue? Definitely coming from LPF. Edit: Also getting these.
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    Growth of Laser Technology

    Found this neat infographic today. Sorry if there's already a thread about it, couldn't find one.
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    What happened to madmacmo? The ban information thread has no update as to his disappearance that I can see. Wouldn't normally ask something like this but as we have a ban thread it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask. have you sent him a PM? hes banned. what possible good would sending a pm do...
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    A small rant

    On a different forum, someone purchased from me. They wanted to save money and inquired about cheaper shipping than what I normally offer. I told them I would be able to ship for cheaper with the following conditions: It would take up to 8 weeks to arrive I would not be response for lost or...
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    Quick Guide: Laser 301 Lens Cleaning

    I'm sure everyone know this cheap laser. I've had one for a while now, and the lens got quite dirty, giving a nasty splash. Take off the head part from the laser, use force as it may have some glue on it. Heat up the focus ring, as it has lots of glue on it. Get out your oven mitts so you...
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    Did the posts per page decrease?

    Just noticed the pages on LPF seem smaller. Did the amount of posts per page decrease? Why did it change? I preferred having a lot of posts on the same page :p
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    SOLD: Binned 9mm diodes

    Each one comes: Pressed into a Moh copper module with 24AWG silicon wire leads soldered on with a G9 lens in a DTR lens barrel. Measurements were taken at 2A for each diodes, with a G2 lens. Power measurements were taken with a Coherent Fieldmax. Wavelength measurements were taken with a...
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    Phones with OLED displays

    Got a question for all you people with smartphones that have OLED displays. I'm looking at getting a Note 3 that has an OLED display, but what is holding me back is burn in. I like to keep my phones for a while and I would need this to last 4-5 years. I've found so many varying answers and...
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    Chrome malware alert

    I keep getting these when I try to visit the LPF homepage. Probably a false positive, but it is annoying to click around it every time. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting this?
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    10W Rubicon LPM winter sales

    For the next week get we're offering discounts on all Rubicon LPM's :) 5% off any Rubicon 10% off any Rubicon with Ophir head Sale thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-rubicon-10w-5w-laser-power-meters-83990.html#post1213717 Information thread...
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    CLOSED: 3.5W 445nm diode information/giveaway

    CLOSED DUE TO A LACK OF INTEREST There is a discussion of the diode here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f65/new-generation-445nm-diodes-nichia-ndb7a75-87042.html#post1265333 Please see the previous diode group buys for more detail in what this involves...
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    Dust cover for Ophir heads

    I wanted a way to keep dust and debris out of the sensor area on my Ophir heads, so I made this plastic cap to go on top. It's made to be 3D printed, so I attached the file below. :)
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    What do you think of this OScope?

    I'm thinking of buying a new scope, it's pretty hard to compare two waveforms on my older scope. I've been keeping an eye on ebay, but all the old, heavy scopes cost more than they're worth to ship to Canada :p I've found this one new, and I want to know what you guys think about it...
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    GB: 1W 520nm diode information/giveaway

    DATA HAS BEEN POSTED NDG7475T - Lasers Wiki There is a discussion of the diode here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f45/new-nichia-9mm-1w-520nm-diode-86764.html Please see the previous diode group buy for more detail in what this involves...
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    LaserGlow Sales

    Just got this in an email, laserglow is having a black Friday sale. Good time to buy a pointer :) http://app.streamsend.com/private/AFJw/tRN/YgstYvz/browse/20009621