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  1. rangedunits

    Japan latest inovation

    The turdburger Japanese Scientists Create Meat From Poop - FoxNews.com I like my steak al-dente. Bon Appetite
  2. rangedunits

    Australia is partying!

    Im tempted to go over there YouTube - ‪Defqon.1 Australia 2011 - Trailer‬‏ Fucking crazy, lasers, fireworks!!!
  3. rangedunits

    FS: $75 coupon for Google AdWords

    With google adword you can advertise your Buiseness. -Reach potential customers, u drcide who see ur ads: Entire Canada, or just those in your city area. -This couls result in hundreds of new visitor for your website. Valid: in Canada Only. Amount: $75 Expire: June 30,2011 Starting bid: 25...
  4. rangedunits

    The "What happened to" thread.

    Where these peoples been? Bob_Boyce Igort John_Lawson Dieselmarine Toke And the list goes on.
  5. rangedunits

    My first LPM, EVAH!

    Hi This is a review of my first LPM purchase.:drool: Ive been looking to buy a lasers meter since 2009. I could not purchased one because of lacks of funds. :cryyy: Finally, last week money was blown out of the piggy:crackup: banks and decided to purchase a lasers meter. Looking, trough a...
  6. rangedunits

    Hello fom Canada

    In b4 DAT BEAM!!!!!' Hi y'all!! Been waiting forever for the weather temperature rise, warmth night. Finally, the winter is almost over. It's time to use those big lasers again. ;)
  7. rangedunits

    Having a child while being one yourself?

    Today in Spain; a 10year old girl got a newborn... :whistle: http://www.metronews.ca/halifax/world/article/679878--10-year-old-gives-birth-in-spain-report This is very wrong, i am pretty sure there was a pedo around her. Im like WTf shes not even grown up.
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  9. rangedunits

    Eating in your bedroom?

    Don"t do it, i have left the windows open and now there is hundreds of dead ants. :undecided: Killing one by one is hassle. JUST BECAUSE THERE WAS A TINY POTATO CHIPS in a glass. I killed most of them but they seem to appear from nowhere. There is some that pop every few minutes.
  10. rangedunits

    Do you go fishing?

    Did you ever see someone wearing some sort of those while fishing? DealExtreme: $7.20 UV Protection Professional Fishing Cap/Hat with Detachable Front and Back Holded Because, Each time I went fishing, I hasn"t seen anyone wearing those. I have noticed, he lacks of anti-uv gloves and...
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    nvm b
  12. rangedunits

    Sweet 445nm in Bratislavia

    8XxArYgX4rc Found that on youtube today. :)
  13. rangedunits

    Tonight meteor shower- cool

    Largest meteor shower of 2010 set for tonight - CTV News THE BIGGEST METEOR SHOWER EVER (of 2010)! 11PM If you see one that is as big as the one in my signature, RUN RUN! -Greg
  14. rangedunits

    Free battery 18650.

    so i messed up badly two 18650, i affraid to charge them. They show as .2 volts and 2volts on my mmu... They are Grey Trustfire Protected from DX, i believe they are a little over one year old. If you are around montreal you can pickup them for free..... If not, i will look for an eco...
  15. rangedunits

    A good experience.

    My last two purchase went really awesome, both of the sellers shipped the item the next day. Thats definetly over my expectation after the whole fiasco of my diy 445nm laser (took almost a month). I have brought a custom Ez Focus Adapter from Jay, i did expect it to be made within a week and...
  16. rangedunits

    Looking for Ten a140 Diode.

    Pm me please. -10x a140 diode , looking for under 400$ b4 shipping.
  17. rangedunits

    My 850mW 445nm

    I finally receaved it yesterday. Lasers Specs Diode: A130 Drivers; Micro Boost Lens used: 405-G-1 Jayrob Aurora Kit. Edit: now have Ez Focus Adapter that i can take out on the go. Peak is now 966mW The lasers got broken because my ez focus adapter made the heatsink twist and wires did a...
  18. rangedunits

    Buy a 445nm diode for only $595

    HighTechDealZ - 445nm Aixiz Rkcstr Blue 440mA Laser Module :thinking: Im thinking there an error there.
  19. rangedunits

    Canada sucks?

    Scammer report. 07-16-2010 05:41 PM Tech_Junkie Canada sucks!!! LMAO (inside joke) According to Tech_junkie canada sucks Take a look at my reputation.... He did negative rep me about four or five time so far and most have no reason behind. WHY IS HE TARGETING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS...
  20. rangedunits

    Scammer report.

    Do i got scammed out of $200? I have brought a diode from ElectroFreak Gb 3, and got it sent directly to a member along with a package wich had some parts for the builds (worth like 40 dollars). I have also sent $135 about 15 days ago. The person who was supposed to build the lasers (1x...