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  1. 00Giorge

    Nature Shots

    This is the water falls at Yellowstone
  2. 00Giorge

    Nature Shots

    Hi Will, sometimes life is a bitch and you just get busy. here is mom and baby, she wasn't happy
  3. 00Giorge

    Nature Shots

    I took this pic at Bear Lake with my phone
  4. 00Giorge

    Laser for my cat, which wavelength?

    My cat like red or green, he does not like my violet 405
  5. 00Giorge

    2,000mm lasers on eBay???

    I gave him a +1
  6. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I have a Vortex Viper on it, 6-24 x 50 with a lighted Reticle and it is in MRAD instead of MIL DOT, has 4" of eye relief, reticle is first plain. I actually talked to Bushmaster about the trigger and they said that no one makes an after market trigger for it, it feels gritty. They said to have...
  7. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    That is a Bushmaster BA 50, 50 cal, everybody thinks it's a lefty gun. The bolt handle is on the left and it ejects on the right, it was designed for quick second shot so you don't have to move your right hand. Use your left to rack another shell in and your trigger hand is still on the grip...
  8. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I have been on and posted anything. I bought a new Squirrel gun a while back, figured since I was here I would share a pic.
  9. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Okay here is my birthday present (from me to me) haven't got to shoot it yet, hopefully this weekend.
  10. 00Giorge

    Gun Discussion

    I like those pics. All of this Obama crap has got it it down to where I can't find ammo, primers, bullets or powder for any of my guns, this sucks! :banghead:
  11. 00Giorge

    Laser for aquarium

    Survival lasers is a good place to buy from and he is a member here also and he goes by Garog.
  12. 00Giorge

    UPDATED W/ GRAPHS!: Demographics Survey is up!!! Completely Anonymous!

    Re: Demographics Survey is up!!! Completely Anonymous! Done :pop:
  13. 00Giorge

    Gun Discussion

    Wow that was a lot of reading! I just saw this thread about an hour ago. The bad part is a lot of people think that the "AR" in AR-15 stands for assault rife, but it doesn't it stands for "Armalite Rifle" the first company to manufacture military style weapons. Where I live I have mountain...
  14. 00Giorge

    I have been away for awhile, I am back now that I am not so busy. Always happy to donate when I...

    I have been away for awhile, I am back now that I am not so busy. Always happy to donate when I can. Thanks for the forum.
  15. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I figure if we can get a lot of people to do this it might help, so the more people we can get to do this the better. I ordered some stuff from Ruger and they sent me that link and I have sent it to a lot of people. Thanks for participating! Jeff
  16. 00Giorge

    Los Angeles, again!

    Welcome Doug, you will love it here, lots to learn and buy. I have to give DougInLA credit that's one of the better introductions I have seen.
  17. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I have a link to Ruger that sends out letters to your congress and state reps to help stop the gun ban, so if you already haven't done so please do so. Ruger - Take Action Now!
  18. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Yeah I still haven't got to shoot it, it's been too damn cold and with 3 feet of snow I just haven't been in the mood. Today was nice, so maybe saturday!
  19. 00Giorge

    Breaking news. North Korea conducts more powerful Nuclear test.

    It's still going to be interesting to see what happens with NK and Iran. It's a little scary knowning that there are 2 idiots/ morons with nukes.
  20. 00Giorge

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    I got a new toy for Christmas (from me to me) FNH FNAR 308