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  1. mortuus

    Remove the Sci-Fi banner ?

    Perhaps the admins or mod could remove the banner since the website no longer works anyway and who wants see that anyway after all bad stuff he did..
  2. mortuus

    365nm UV flashlight danger ?

    So i got this UV light the other day and i was wondering, obviously im not gonna shine myself in the eyes with this one but i was wondering how dangerous is this light to the eyes if accident would happen ? It seems very powerful i can feel heat to my skin after a few seconds only. Convoy S2+...
  3. mortuus

    FS: 1W+ SF501b Sci-Fi 445nm Laser

    For sale is my SF501b laser from Sci-Fi which i no longer use so thats why i sell it. Its in good condition total usage maybe 10-15 hours perhaps?, and power graph shows a bit over 1W it is very bright and can easy burn things a bit overkill for me so thats why im selling it since i no longer...
  4. mortuus

    I cant post in buy/sell section?

    Made a thread in the buy and sell section about something i want buy but it hasnt shown up yet, am i not allowed there or what?
  5. mortuus

    WTB Laserbtb diffraction cap

    Anyone have one of those diffraction caps for the HL hosts to laserbtb lasers they wanna sell ?
  6. mortuus

    Review Gearbest 809 5mW 650nm 16340 Zoomable Red Laser Pointer Pen

    809 Durable 5mW 650nm 16340 Zoomable Red Laser Pointer Pen for Burning Matches-8.63 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com Order: Since i dont have a red laser yet i thought i should buy a cheap one to see so i have been looking at gearbest stuff for a while and thought i give them a chance and see...
  7. mortuus

    spam pm from a member

    got this today in a pm from this user Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss Laser Pointers - View Profile: lingmoofe I would like to get to know you closer a lot. Write me here www.spamlink.com
  8. mortuus

    SF501B 445nm blue 1W+ Sci-Fi Lasers - First test shots

    So my new laser from Sci-Fi Lasers arrived, its the 1W+ with the nice 501b host for only 95$. The laser i got peaks 1052mW and about 902mW average so not bad for my first blue laser more then enough power for me :D The only downside to this insane power is my phone dont very good capture the...
  9. mortuus

    What about thesese ebay glasses?

    So i got theese from ebay today, mostly for my green 40mW, tryied them on and they seem to do the job alright, the dot is very very weak when shining on the wall and i cant see the beam with them on which i can without them even in daylight . But i wonder about OD +5 that good or bad or? Oh and...
  10. mortuus

    Guests online?

    Are there really so many guests so often online? it keeps showing about 36 358 whenever i come here thats crazy amount hah.
  11. mortuus

    Blue laser from lucklaser ?

    I want to buy my first blue laser i found some there and wonder if the lasers from lucklaser the blue are any good for its price? Like this one maybe 100mW i would go for perhaps? 5mw~250mw 405nm Blue laser pointer Pen Style - $46.00 : Laser Pointer,Green laser,Blue laser, Red laser,Buy Laser...