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  1. J

    Help with first build

    I recently bought a TO-18 808nm IR laser diode for 5.8 USD and bought the housing for 4.4 USD. I want to power it using 3 AAA 1.2 Volt rechargeable NiMH cells. I was thinking I could use LM317 and a 3.6 Ohm resistor to get a 347ma constant current source. I want to know if I'm doing something...
  2. J

    Possible Safety Measure to stop blindness

    So I'm a complete newbie to these forums and I just joined these because I'm building my first IR 300 mw 808nm laser(not yet started). I thought that since I own a gear vr headset ,and my Samsung galaxy s7 edge could easily "see" infrared why not use the gear vr camera while working with the...