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    Safety Glasses age

    After having experienced the Solar eclipse on my birthday in 2017 I noticed the safety glasses had an expiration date and warning not to use past it. I began to wonder after seeing this warning. Do laser safety glasses have a similar lifespan. Maybe age limit at which they will absorb less...
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    A new Kipkay?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVrJUbeuG44 Is he the new Kipkay? I admit that I don't know everything about lasers but I'm pretty certain putting 8 5W lasers in parallel does not equal 1 40W laser but i could be wrong. Why would anyone build this and then brag about it on youtube saying...
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    Laser education videos

    I found a few very informative and cool laser vids on Youtube that I thought everyone here would appreciate and enjoy. The first video is about the late inventor, Ted Maiman. He created the worlds first laser. His wife Kathleen Maiman is in this video to show the basics of creating a laser...
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    My story

    Hey LPF, here is my introduction to the forums. I am 25, I live in Nashville and have a huge passion for electronics, computers, lasers, etc lol. I am am a certified electronics tech through the ETA and enjoy working on and repairing electronic devices. I found this site around 2010 and have...
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    Possible Laser host?

    Since 2010 when I first saw the Wicked Lasers Spyder Arctic III on youtube I have wanted a laser that looks and performs similar to an Arctic III. But my time lurking these forums has enlightened me to the fact that WL is a really crap company that is only good at producing very sexy hosts...