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    anything interesting inside an old camcorder?

    so i found an old DV sony handycam. so far i found a acrylic convex lens and im having trouble taking this thing apart is there anything worth salvaging from an old camcorder i can use for optics or any interesting experiments?
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    Price vs. mW

    Hey guys, i thought i'd like to share this chart i made with you guys. it took quite a bit of time copy and pasting, searching prices. well. hopefully this price will come in handy when someone decides to buy a laser and wants to find the best deal in terms of prcing vs. mW output.
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    Experiments. so, what do you do with your laser?

    so, i had my x85 for about 2 days. burning things just doesn't cut it! don't get me wrong, the thing is amazing. i was short couple of dollars to to buy the collimater. which i'll buy later to burn more things. but other than burning and pointing your lasers in the sky at night what do you guys...
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    dvd diode clarification

    So i'm reading up on all thes tutorials can some one clear this up for me? i have a dvd player, no burner. if i were to use a plain dvd PLAYER i would only get a dvd diode out of it? no burner? so i would only be able to make myself a IR laser correct? correct me correct wise please. i...
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    batteries, who do you guys use

    i've been doing a bit of reading. things i need to start up a laser hobby. how do these fare against daily use(for the next couple of weeks at least, my first high quality laser) what brand would you guys use? do generic rehcargables work just as well? i just picked up a 4 pack of AAA...
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    DIY step by step tutorial

    hey guys, i signed up for this forum awhile ago, and i found it in my bookmarks! looks like i'll be here awhile. i even made myself a neat little signature still making an avatra though anyways what would i need in order make myself a DIY laser i'm getting into this hobby. well i've always...
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    first time wicked laser buyer

    Hey guys, i thought i'd get over the ebayser phase and invest a higher quality laser that can burn i was thinking of the 15mW executive along with the caps set to feed my burning addiction. so the total would come to $139.99 not including shipping what would you guys recommend? i have about...