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    Question about my new LaserBTB

    My HL 532nm 100mW finally arrived, much to my disappointment was only 3/4" shorter than my HL 520nm 100mW. I bought this laser solely because it had the same interface as its big brother and was hoping to be at least 1.5" smaller. Anyway, no biggie. Too long, can't carry it for my intended...
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    No short 532s that runs 2AAA?

    Hello, tried searching but came up empty. Where could I source 532nm laser pointers ranging from 20-50mW that has a body length around 5 inches? Closest I have is a 5mw Lyra from LaserGlow, just a tad over 5 inches, extremely handy. My Sky laser, LaserBTB, Optoelectronic pointers are all...
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    Laser engraving services for personalized gifts?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are (or were) any laser vendors that offer laser engraving of personal names on their products. There are young colleagues among our local astronomical club and I wanted to buy them their own lasers when they come of age. (They are around 14-16 right now and has...
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    Optic to turn a laser beam into a wide oval?

    Not sure if this is posted in the right section. I'm looking at the prospects of turning a green laser pointer [~75mw] into a laser level for pavement leveling. Is there a way I can "expand" the laser beam into a wide oval of sorts that can project the laser beam across a flat surface so I can...
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    Highest Green before burning hazard

    I was just wondering...seeing that the FAQ didn't speak of this. Unlike many here who keep their lasers in the padded case just prior to use, I keep it in my pants when I'm on the go, even around the house. It is an unconditional guarantee that as long as I'm in public I'm wearing black pants...
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    My Galileo-5 kinda broke...

    Every night I make sure to return it to the foam case where I KNOW it won't roll anywhere. Well last night I forgot and it went on the floor 4 feet below and rolled out my room into the hall. I has crashed from a caffeine overdose and I didn't notice it till morning. results: NO ARTIFACTS...
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    Lyra C and G, whats the difference?

    http://www.laserglow.com/index.php?lyrac versus http://www.laserglow.com/index.php?lyrag Same output, same specifications, same price... then why two different model numbers? :-? Only thing I can tell is ones chrome and ones chrome and brass...does anyone have a picture that compares both?
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    Questions about the Laser Glow Galileo-5

    Hi, new comer here :). I made a search for the same topic but I have not found an existing thread that explains it. Does anyone know the current consumption of the Galileo-5? It seems that CR123As are drained essentially within an hour or two of continuous use...the batteries I have tried are...