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    Need help with flashlight host

    I recently bought a flashlight, I bought a "Energizer HARD CASE Professional Inspection Flashlight 2 AAA", I was wondering if I needed a driver or not, to me it looked like it has circuit board, I was hoping I could use that for my driver, it was similar to the Dorcy Jr, someone help me please...
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    Need help on Stonetek 16x DVD Burner diode

    I recently got my stonetek diode today, and It was bright, but then when I next plugged in the battery, the beam is dim, please help me ASAP.
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    DIY laser diode driver with video tutorial

    Do you want to make your own diode driver, here is a video on how to make one, suitable for red and blue laser diodes: ****CREDIT GOES TO PHAZONXL**** Link: YouTube - DIY: How to build a laser diode driver NOTE: The 25 Ohm Pot is optional, it will still work with or without it, if you want...