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    Physics experiment with coil gun / gauss gun

    Hello everyone I am looking to do a physics experiment for electromagnetic induction and I think it owuld be interesting to do it on a coil gun / gauss gun. I have seen many youtube guides and such showing how to build them using disposable cameras, however Im wondering how I can make one...
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    help installing car strobe lights

    Now I either suck at googling or nobody has ever written a how-to on how to do this, I think the first one is correct :) They are similar to this (although not exact... same control box but with bigger/more lights. not aquired from DX though...)DealExtreme: $16.36 Police Style Car 12V 6-LED...
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    I've just joined the 405nm club boys and girls

    I've just joined the 405nm club boys and girls *NEW HOST, UPDATE* NEW HOST, READ DOWN FOR IT!! :D:D:D Yeah, ordered the parts (PHR 803T, lavadrive V2) over a year ago and FINALLY put them together today. As you can see its not exactly finished (since my local hardware store workers failed...
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    AixiZ module heatsinks for a labby

    Does anyone have any lying around I can get shipped to Australia for under $15 USD ? I would buy off z-bolt but shipping brings it up to like $30 USD which I cannot afford. cheerios, tacoman out
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    flexdrive v2 help please

    hey guys mainly because im lazy and i dont have a soldering iron, ive been putting off my PHR-803T build (flexdrive v2, 100mA, 803T in aixiZ module) however, i am unsure of where to solder in the various components to the flexdrive since its relatively old technology now (lol) so does anyone...
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    Paypal question

    Hey my friend thinks he just got scammed. He bought something from someone, payed via paypal (nothing to do with ebay or anything, it was off a forum I believe) and this person has not posted the item, has cut off all contact, except saying "thanks, you just earned me a new bike", meaning they...
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    O-like 50mW green torch

    http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=1016 has anyone got one of these, im buying one now...
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    Dilda: Realoaded

    http://dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.22933 Although this wouldnt be a very pleasurable dildo...
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    DX30mW True died :(

    My True 30mW has finally died, after being in TEM01 for a few months and now it doesnt work at all. Looks like the odds of me ever getting another green pointer are slim (Australia, you see) and so I now want to haul ass by putting my 803T (which I havent ever used) into my newwish host. My 803T...
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    Am I an idiot or what

    Being Mr. Ignorrant like me, I tend to have the policy "if it fits then its for that". How wrong I am. I have a (random) charger which I dont know what its for. I have a 1 million candle power spotlight i want to charge. I put Mr. 12V charger into Mr. 6V spotlight and plug to wall. I smell...
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    My DX True 30mW has gone into TEM002 ( I think )

    Lately I noticed lots of splatter around my dot and a ring floating outside the dot. I drained my batteries and had a look from relatively close up to discover two little dots. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ My...
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    Making a forum?

    Im planning on making a forum (and hosting it) I want it to be on its own domain, no free hosts. What would be the easiest forum software to install? How much hosting would I need for a relatively small forum? How hard is it? Thanks!
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    I am travelling through time! with a dilation factor of 1
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    Just an idea

    Hey LPF, long time no posting (I lol'd) Anyway, I had the novel idea of making my own online laser store. I have a friend who can provide cheap hosting and domains are cheap as chips these days. Here is my plan: 1. Come up with catchy title for site 2. Buy the hosting and the domain 3. Start...
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    WTB: High powered greenie (AUS)

    The ban etc has meant that Australia is lacking some juicy, powerful greenies :( However, I am willing to pay up to $700 AUD for a portable greenie over 250mW. Anyone got any they are willing to sell? I know recently BF sold one to BluRay, which I was going to buy but there wasnt much going on...
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    Lightscribe... Burning laser?

    I've been doing some reading lately (see: wikipedia) and have, after I raised thoughts over the matter, discovered lightscribe technology is a 780nm laser. However, I do not know the power of this laser.... Does anyone know about harvesting lightscribe diodes/lasers as a functioning IR laser?
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    Nanotechnology in practise

    Does anyone have some sort of idea where nanotechnology could be used? I need an idea for science/physics in school,and I need to explain the science behind it. I need something interesting too, but Im not too sure on what to do... Any ideas?
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    Electrostatic Discharge

    G'day LPF, I just have a question on ESD that I'd like to ask some of the clever cookies on this forum. I (being as unorganised as I am) do not have an ESD wristband or whatever. Upon receiving my (freakin' awesome) flexdrive today, I noticed I have all required parts to make a functioning...
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    So today I come home and discover my mum picked a poster of her grandfather that was in Spain from when he rode motorcycles in ~1930 (he rode an indian...) Anyway, my mum is sitting down, filling out a cheque, and I say, "Jueves, 28 de Agosto. Thursday, 28th of August." (I learn Spanish, and...
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    Well I'm surprised

    This term in my school we're doing light and whatever, and I was pleasantly delighted to hear we would be dealing with lasers next week. Upon hearing this news, I asked my teacher what types of lasers the school actually had. Turns out they have several high powered portable greenies, and are...