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    WTB - "Urgent" - laser modules in Australia

    Hi All, I have an upcoming project and I need to source a few (1-5, whatever I can get) low powered (10-20mW preferred, 30mW max) laser modules of any visible colour (pref green/blue) within the next 3 or so weeks. TTL control is preferable but not essential. I would also prefer modules with...
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    Configuring flexdrive for multiple output currents?

    I've been trying to work out the resistor layout on a flexdrive V4, because with the new 445nm diodes I want to wire in a switch for high/low power. I've determined that the flexdrive sets the current based on an input resistance, which is adjusted by soldering bridges across resistors to put...
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    Group Buy: Machined Aluminium Laser Hosts

    I've done some research and obtained some quotes on having aluminium laser hosts machined. It seems to be impossible to avoid a ~$400 set up fee, so if I can get enough interest, I'll do a group buy. The hosts will cost roughly $60 US each, less if you want larger quantities, plus shipping (no...
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    Machined Aluminium Laser Hosts

    Moved to the correct board. Sorry for the mucking around. If someone can link in this thread to the correct one, that would be great.