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    Suggestions needed, DVD-RW diodes

    Hi guys, im getting a couple of DVD-RW DVD-RW Models are: LG GSA-H55N and LG GSA H54W I'll be harvesting the diode tomorrow and let u know more then. I figured ill be building a DDL driver LM317. First option: DIY: How To Make A Laser Diode Driver Circuit - Video Second: Laser driver - It...
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    Any 3v driver?

    Hi guys, i've been reading a lot, almost ready to build a LM317 driver. I've got some DVD-RW diodes. But the LM317 driver requires 7.2 volt input, getting that from AA rechargables implies getting five of them toghether.... I was thinking, is there any 3v driver that can be built from store...
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    Questions and doubts.

    Hello ! So, its been a while since I came up with the idea of using some cd or dvd player laser to make my own laser pointer. What a surprise when I started searching for information and discovered that it is a well known procedure. That being said, I found mysefl with two dvd RW ready to open...