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    Modulation frequency for Green

    Whats a good modulation frequency for a green with analog modulation. I've looked(here and PL) and can't seem to find a reasonably concrete answer. My current green is modulated by the FlexMod( set to the minimum ~50khz), but the module im looking at is TEC cooled, so I would need to use the...
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    Problem with FlexMod and GGW.

    I am having a problem with my FlexMod and GGW blu-ray. When I test my GGW with a bench power supply, I get 210mW @ 180ma @6.12V. I set the FlexMod current using the procedure in the manual. I set it at 180ma. When I connect the Diode to the FlexMod, I only get 68 mW with the mod voltage at...
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    976 nm diode

    I bought this diode last week. Wanted to try it out today, but can't figure which side the beam will emit from. Need to be sure as the only IR protection I have at the moment is for CO2. 976nm VECSEL HIGH POWER IR LASER DIODE for 50mw BLUE - eBay (item 290377018765 end time Dec-07-09 19:19:26...
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    Scanner opinions

    Can I get some opinions on my choice of components for a scanner. Laser scanner equipment This is a DIY project on a reasonable budget $600-$700. I've read most of the threads about setting these up. Looks like a fun challenge. At $570 atm Scanner 30Kpps Laser galvo Scanner (30,000 points...
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    New member from southern California

    I've been a laser junkie for a long time. It started when I was attending ITT and working at Melles Griot 23 yrs ago. Up until recently my experience was all HeNe,Nd:Yag and CO2. I've got a stable of about 20 HeNe's (IR, Red and Green) form 4" to 18" tubes I found the forum through rog8811's...